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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    It's been a loooooong while, or at least it has felt like it has been. Everyone who has posted still is looking fabulous though, so that's pretty awesome. September is here, so Halloween will be around the corner soon.
    More importantly, it's time to go green in memorium, and pick up my bow and quiver again.


    The Broken horn helmet will keep my head warm, while the Millia boots and gloves will keep my hands and feet warm and more importantly free of bugs while the print casual wear will keep my body camouflaged with the trees around me, at least until the leaves start to fall.
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Bleuie Super cute looking. ^,^
    @LittleCeci congratulations on finally obtaining the outfit. You look adorable in it, especially with that hair.
    @Shera, you're color pallet is just jaw dropping.
    @Treep This post makes me smile. :D

    It's been a long and lovely week this past week.
    Friends and guildies got me something pretty amazing this past week. :O
    I'd been trying for this hair for a long while, and had finally given up by the time it was given to me, by Mabi SugarDaddy Kit. Never thought I'd find a hair I liked better than the suburban natural or Natural wave. :)
    My usually circlet is on display, but I was surprised how well the winter princess shoes go with the Elunde floral fairy. It was like they were made for one another. :)
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    As always everyone is looking so very fabulous lately.
    @Shera You've found shoes that go well with the lance feather. :D It looks awesome. Also, congrats on that hair--you look like a fierce lioness/anime character.
    @Mey the July fourth post made me smile when I saw it on the fifth. Nice job with it. :)
    @LittleCeci you've posted a lot, but that Odran has to be my favorite, with the bright summer coming in at a very close second.
    @Chatti A lesson I'd be happy to sit in on. Looks nice.

    As for me, well...
    Me and my dear wedded friends/guildies/roomies are just chilling and looking fabulous. The primary colors have united again. :)
    The Eluned Outfits are the greatest thing to happen with this game, in my very bias opinion. I finally get pants quq.
    Head: My usual hebona circlet
    body: Eluned Chillin Urban
    gloves: trinity
    Shoes: Red eye

  • Your Daily Fashion!

    So many cool neat outfits and colors since last I posted. It's always a brilliant source of inspiration to browse through these.
    I'm sorry to not have anything posted in a while, but I guess two jobs does that.

    This outfit doesn't have much to it, but I don't think it needs to. I fell in love with Enn's outfit the moment I saw it when Korea implemented Momento. I'm very excited to have the outfit now. The Moonlight wings definitely help. Both were gifted to me by a close friend. :)

  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Totono that's adorable.

    Off to a wedding today. Off to a con after that. In the spirit of that, here's something a bit more adventurer-y and
    slightly anime esque.

    Hair: Enchanted Bride
    Outfit: wis intelligence soldier uniform
    gloves: shaman's
    shoes: saber's Greaves