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Last Active
July 31, 1997
  • Any fix for Elf Ranged Lag yet?

    Irvyn wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Then again, even getting hit and knocked back doesn't fix it. (which usually cancels ranged attack, and many other skills)
    It just likes to go away on its own. Or, that's what it feels like.
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Maybe next time it happens, I'll see if I can at least summon a pet while I'm stuck.

    If someone can test these two things and report their results, that'd be great.

    it is an old issue that already get reported a lot of times, no need to report, you can even try the bug yourself
  • About forums

    they didnt even bother to admit the problem with spam on the forum
    so i doubt the solution will come shortly,
    say, 6-10 months until they come up with something
    ErorservGreta[Deleted User]
  • Anyone else feeling lag or just me?

    Leinei wrote: »
    Well we have a maintenance tomorrow (Wednesday) so hopefully that will alleviate things.

    the thing is, that is exactly what you guys said a week ago
  • The New Gen's Guide to Veteran Mabinogi Terms

    Shadow Mission List
    - SCC = Shadow Cast City
    - EB = Enemy Behind (rarely seen)
    - LD = Lingering Darkness (Rarely seen)
    - TOA = The Other Alchemists
    - SS = The Sulfur Spider Inside Shadow Realm
    Taillteann (or just Tail)
    - Conflict = Conflict! An Unexpected Battle
    - Provo = Provocation
    - SW = Defeat the Shadow Wizard (not to be confused with 'Defeat The Shadow Warrior')
    - BFT1 & BFT2 = Battle for Taillteann I & Battle for Taillteann II, Respectively
    - DFC1 & DFC2 = Defeat Fomor Commander I & Defeat Fomor Commander II, Respectively
    - Scout = Rescue The Scout
    - TDB = Taillteann Defensive Battle
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    What FS needs is the removal of aiming of ranged attack
    So it change from LOAD AIM SHOT to LOAD AND SHOT
    So i dont need to be bother to teleport behind when i miss once against high damage enemies
    Seriously, the idea of hit and run tactic does not work against many enemy that either move fast, chain cast, and teleport at all

    No! I am not saying that Elf should be OP, i stating the obvious