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  • Balloon Festival Event

    So it looks like the special coins will be expensive and rare to get. I have yet to get one from the random box. So that means you'll have to spend 50 regular coins to get one. You'll get 78 (I think) just for logging in during July and 12 from June. That's with doing no shadow missions and staying logged in for 36 minutes for the second balloon. So that's 90 coins. Which is only 1 special coin. How are we expected to get anything when it's like that? Even if you do shadow missions you now have to choose between what the special coins offer or the regular ones. Not everyone has time to do Shadow Missions every day. You might be able to get 2 or 3 special coins just form everyone else turning in balloons. You need 14 special coins in order to get the outfit boxes for 1 gender or 16 special coins in order to get the outfit boxes for all. I don't see that happening much, unless my math is like way off.
  • Name change? Where is it?

    What annoys me is that they didn't already have the name change ready to go with the merge. So that means they felt the merge had to happen sooner rather than later even though the name change wasn't ready. Probably not a good sign.
  • NaO SeRveR PoPUlaTIon WiLL bE SimILaR tO aLeXiNA

    After the merge stuff dies down and people who haven't played in months or years are gone again it probably will be.
    ArjuneMaiaLiberateSpareohShakayaSoraiteJayy124WolfsingerVaughanTuniiand 6 others.
  • Popularity Contest

    Anyone else not getting a 10th Anniversary box when they complete the Popularity Contest? I've done it twice so far and no box.
  • [EXTENDED] Naco Commerce Event

    Could we also not make the badges disappear so fast? I'm having trouble collecting them before they poof while I'm trying to deal with all of them at once.