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i'm weak, and what's wrong with that
  • Cookie island is pure struggle

    my main can just trololol but also doing it on a 400 something ttl human, doesnt have final hit or anything except basic as combat. i just dual wield the phoenix feather swords from this event and use tuan pet from music Q event to help take aggro. die a couple times but it's not so bad.
    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Fighting a beautiful woman is the most painful thing I have ever done. I am a lover, not a fighter. Why cannot we make love to the Cookie Witch? :(

    Er... because she steals children... Incase you forgot that part... Lol.

    Because she's lonely as heck? I am lonely as heck! Put us together and I'll give her all the children she will ever want!

  • [FWD] Items That Can't Be Listed In Auction House

    can confirm Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor (M)
    also Dance Gesture Coupon and Totem Reset Coupon
  • What is your favorite non-story/event NPC theme

    not npc but I like the dan test/arena music!!!
    npc ones I like eiren, huw, brenda, keith and simon
    also like that one on ceo island
    and the homestead theme
  • Alyn Orphan event title

    personally i dont really care, but if had to choose super mom/dad sounds cooler
    can understand the disappointment, even just the fact that it wasnt confirmed before publishing the announcement. seems like theres some kind of disconnect in communication between localisation team and staff who update the website. or even just whoever supplies us the patch info. hard to know without working at nexon, can only guess :\
    no idea if they even have the power to change it or yeah would need KR to do it.
  • Why is it so hard...

    it annoys me too sometimes but figure yeah they either don't know what price they want themselves, are being cautious or misunderstand "NMP"

    what annoys me more is when i write a party "trading [item1] FOR [item2]" and soooooo many people note saying "i have [item1]"
    or note saying "sure!', we get to trading and they put the same item i'm trading in the window :C
    T> [item1] F> [item2] means i'm giving my [item1] in return for your [item2]...................