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  • Is it finally time?

    I've always heard, for a long time, that there was something wrong with our current font and that it needed to be changed. What exactly is wrong with it, though?
    someone posted an example about it years ago but it's on another site
    we used to be not allowed to link posts from nation in the forums... idk if that's still the case so to be safe just google "mabinogi bitmap font" and the thread shows up as related to the first search result, it's called "mabinogi's text rendering"
    apparently mabi''s engine renders all text as 3d models?
    there's also the thing of mabi using a vector font instead of a bitmap one i think which also cause more load/render time and lag
  • Praise the Comma!

    no way
    is this real life????
    bought those wings for 5 million gold and they were sitting in his inv for probably 2-3 years waiting for this moment
    i can't believe it
    giving them to him crashed my game but logged back in and everything seems fine

    quality of life updates
    devs after my own heart
  • Omgosh! Omgosh! Omgosh! These new HS items!

    that pond! what a time to be alive! if i quit mabi again i will come back for it! will do this event with the strength of 1000 suns!
  • Regarding Events like the Festia Instant Coin Priz

    Opalthira wrote: »
    I spent maybe 1000 coins on this event and never got anything from that gacha coin box (yes multiple accounts because the drop rate was so bad)
    At best I got two HS items. To say that regular players got lucky and got the wings without using multiple accounts just seems to far fetched to begin with.
    Besides want items to be tradeable just so they can go into the dressing room vs actually having a chance at items just seems like an unfair opinion to begin with.
    agree the drop rates in this event were terrible and too much RNG
    saying it's too far fetched for a regular player to have got the wings i can't agree with though. a regular player totally could have rocked up, spin a couple times and won the wings. sure the chance might be very low, but you can't say it didn't happen without proof of all 3 players on each server who won the coin entry festia wings and whether they used alts or not.

    to use myself as an example again, 1 chara, 300-350 ish coins spun by now, i got a music box in this 4th week but also have never got a platinum hammer. from opening the participation prize boxes got 1 homestead item. is that too far fetched for just 1 character? in a rng event like this the luck even regular players have is so varied. some can have super good luck, some super bad and others in the middle.
    Opalthira wrote: »
    These items are worth far too much to be tradeable and besides every time this event rolls around its always wings with the same stats on them.
    what kind of worth determines whether an item should be tradeable or not? o_o honest question, i don't understand
    when have permanent stat wings ever been given through an event before this? and what's to say they ever will be again? and if they are, there's a chance it could be a different method than spinning coins to get them too.
    the other stat wings from festia are not permanent, and the eiren wings with stats came from gacha right? correct me if perma stat wings did come from an event before i've been away from mabi for a while.
    Opalthira wrote: »
    Its not a big deal if you cant store them in dressing room especially if they all do the same thing you only would ever need the one pair of wings. Doesn't make sense that you would try to get the same thing just with a different look just so you could throw it in a storage box and never use them.
    "I suggest making the top three prizes and other prizes that affect gameplay should be untradeable to prevent people from spamming the events." from your first post implies that you're suggesting prizes that affect gameplay from any event be untradeable, not just festia wings. that would eventually clog inv. people get the same thing with a different look all time time and use them both..............
    Opalthira wrote: »
    Let other players have a chance at those items rather than people who never log off the game and spend all their coins before the server even goes up. Its unfair to the community as a whole.
    the servers were up.... they were just up before advertised. if they weren't active/online, players would not be able to log into the game.
    besides, on every maint notice they write "Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification."
    if nexon is not actively barring players from entering the game or requesting they don't, why shouldn't players enter? and why should players who log off more often have more right to prizes in game? everyone should have an equal right... and you can't always account for real life circumstance either. timezones.. people's lives.. example again: i was only able to log in asap and roll all my coins because the day after maint happened to fall on easter weekend. if it had been a day earlier i would have been at work.
    if it's a question of nexon only bringing servers live exactly on the time advertised, then sure that would probably be a good idea.

    even if the wings were untradeable you would have players logging in as soon as physically possible because they want the wings for themselves, not to sell. to give players who don't or can't log in straight away a chance, they would have to either increase or just uncap the amount of wings able to be won rather than just 3. personally i wouldn't be against this, just saying.

    mm this is a long reply... i just had stuff to say in regards to your points ^^

  • Bag, Umbrella, Or Gamble?

    Does it give an animation?