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  • How many more years do you think Mabi has left?

    anyone who says 'mabi's population is not declining' is in denial, it definitely is :\
    idk how long the game will survive though. imo NA mabi needs some TLC to feel 'healthy' again.
  • HS fee

    Hazurah wrote: »
    it is weird indeed, to charge many props that dont do anything and not charging every other props from event and low lvl props

    while anything that can be used like chair, animal, and production source is justified

    it's becuz they do things like "grants additional kons each day" or "slightly decrease the time to build decorations" etc. the kon ones are useless though when you have a maxed HS. you paying fees for no reason. would be nice if it became free when you're maxed... especially for the old flower pots and stuff like that.

    edit: it also reinforces how dumb it is to have the homestead upgrade coupons in the cash shop. if they had made the new upgrades available via the in-game method instead it would actually make these props useful again for a little while at least.
  • Homestead Candy Bonanza

    Sphyra21 wrote: »

    The camdy jar rewards list says that there are gold, yellow, red, and blue dyes!
    This is incorrect. These are actually paint!
    The only dyes are the ones for the candy tree and the dye ampoule with a 7 day expiration.

    bruh.. someone really needs to check translations
    this kind of thing happens too often
  • Homestead Candy Bonanza

    brings back the event but nerfs it (cries) why
  • What Would You Want Fix In Mabi

    *cracks knuckles* in no particular order plus with peoples ideas from this thread and other ones

    -fix the hole in the floor in shyllien nature reserve
    -fix fighter glitch with focused fist and also how when elves try to chain skills have to click the ground
    -give portraits to npcs who don't have them
    -fix the glow on spirit weapon portraits
    -make reporting system actually work
    -allow members of a guild who own a castle to run that castle's dungeon
    -remove outdated req in alchemy mastery and update reqs accordingly
    -remove "use skill immediately" req in urgent shot or add a longer delay to register it since this is impossible to do outside of america pretty much, even know people in america who can't do it because of latency
    -uncap skills
    -balance the races
    -do not make separate versions of items with a slight difference in description to where it doesn't stack eg. Red Upgrade Stone (Event) vs Red Upgrade Stone (event)
    -make all homestead props stack in inventory
    -give an actual order and consistency in potion sizes visually
    -add a wing slot and a wig slot to inventory
    -no style tab exclusive items
    -have a staff member moderate and interact with the bugs and glitches forum like there used to be, someone who works for nexon directly not just forum volunteers
    -reinstate the known issues list or start afresh and actually keep it updated
    -get multiple people to proofread announcements and check consistency/correctness of translations
    -in depth explanations of events
    -make event items droppable/destroyable
    -separate the friends list from blacklist and increase the capacity
    -uncap partners
    -fix the font
    -fix renaming of personal shops and kiosks (atm have to ctrl+A then delete then re-write)
    -make drop models of stuff and update drop models that don't match
    -no more beauty coupons, the coupon unlocks the style permanently then can pay pons to change back to it. OR old styles become free, coupon styles become paid with pon.
    -make an outbox for notes
    -no more events with the 36min limit thing and delivery limit
    -buff summon golem and trans mastery
    -bring back direct launch from exe
    -make an auction house system for selling
    -make a trade chat to use like people use party chat (most population is in shop channel but cant use party advertise as intended in shop channel cuz its flooded with selling ads)
    -fix broken trans eg. pierrick has grey hair instead of blonde, adniel's jaw/overbite
    -make a 3D render preview when dyeing something, similar to trying on an outfit
    -update old hair models
    -make facial features available on all face shapes
    -add more colour variety to all races
    -giants and elves able to marry, giants can pick up elf but only in the family
    -fix the glitch with old shoes + outfits with pants where the shoe becomes huge
    -fix alignment/collision of character model to the skateboard/snowboard
    -fix broken shoulders, missing ankles etc
    -make lunar soup stack
    -fix the thing where animal pet's legs become really thin after they become older than like 5 (eg. border collie, siamese, polar bear)
    -fix plot holes
    -any genders hold hands when flying on regular couples flight
    -everything that ellisya said on page 1
    -more designs for houses on homestead and can go inside the house
    -make homestead upgrade a thing to do in game rather than buy from cash shop
    -make L-Rod sounds and ambient sounds separated so can turn one off and keep the other
    -add more things for customization of guild HQ even just cosmetic decorations
    -make herbs able to go in ecology specimen bag
    -allow to use a kiosk and go in festia
    -elite pass of the same type stack
    -make trees in homestead only use the area of the trunk not the entire tree width so you can actually place props under the tree
    -make scrolling message be togglable or invisible in screenshots
    -more outfit bag sales rather than outfits in gacha