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  • It's so... tiny

    i agree with the drop rate thing on this event. because the smaller items like flower pots and flower patches and the trellis you'd need quite a few for it to work well in a homestead. they really should have made those small items the common drop, the bigger items the rarer drop and take out all the extras like tailoring materials, large nails, gems etc. maybe leave the seeds for people who need seeds? i guess?

    i missed a heap of days because couldn't be bothered to log in but out of 43 wood given so far for the new items got
    1x garden trellis
    2x rapa flower patch (whole)
    1x red rose flower pot
    1x white rose flower pot

    i never read the whole list of drops and got 2x desert grass so was like what the heck why is this even in here. you can build as may of those as you want for 1 hs stone each. got 1x speedwell and 1x wagon from the old buildable items as well.
  • What events would you like to see comeback!!??

    candy bonanza
    been waiting for it since last time 2 years ago lol. got more stuffs to be dyed.
  • Clothes

    i feel like most of the time it's the dye choices that makes an outfit look 'stylish' or not, instead of how much it's worth or how new/old it is. asides from the ones that the model looks terrible no matter what you do with it. also just figuring out what pieces of clothing can work together. people can grab the hottest trend item or new expensive thing from gacha and then not coordinate very well and it looks bleh lol.

    about wings +1 for money lol....
    unless you're ridiculously lucky or have money to blow irl it's better to save up and buy the wings you want rather than gamble on gachas. my favourite wing is white hummingbird - i saved over time and bought mine for 10mil and they are one of my most worn items so for me it was 100% worth it.

  • how do i get back into event area...

    Xiokun wrote: »
    I didn't talk to everyone because I didn't even notice about going over to the elder. And when I thought I was DONE talking to everyone I went to Shuan and nothing happened. :/ So I thought that was it. Now I come on the forums to see there was more. Why couldn't there have just been a quest thing to tell you what to do and tell you what you still HAD to do, aka, who else you had to talk to?

    But that's just me.

    you never had to talk to the elder until the last dream and he was the only one there and it warps you right next to him so idk how you missed it? o_o
    shuan tells you to come back to him when talked to everyone so if nothing happened it means you still need to talk to some people. when you've completed it there's a big message on the screen like 'you've talked to everyone, report to shuan' kind of thing.
    in 1st area it's just the usual 6 locations of the squires, in 2nd they're just in a line, in 3rd they're all together in a group in class, in 4th its only the elder. there's no NPC hidden or hard to find or anything.
  • 9th Anniversary GM Event Day 1: Tarlach

    agree with the other posters that giving away extra items for compensation due to unplanned circumstances is no problem but when it's an item exclusive to one server that's not really fair. should give out the same items to each server.
    now if people see the only way to get an altam balloon is through compensation in the GM event, can potentially see people on mari and alexina trying to intentionally crash the servers just to get the balloon e_e