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May 13, 1992
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Great leaders are ones that have a servant's heart and a beginner's mind. Meaning, willingly, to serve others and yet willing to learn new things.
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Masters Degree of Arts in Video Game Research
  • *Closed* ✩°。⋆SquidChip Shop⋆。°✩


    I sent the 5 coffee worth through the payment for now. Thanks for letting me know via message, I look forward to the next piece
  • Pyonko's Art Shop (Tarlach) - Closed

    pyonchi I'll send in a commission request in 4 days. Will that be ok?
  • *Closed* ✩°。⋆SquidChip Shop⋆。°✩

    Kamo_te wrote: »

    Wow thank you for all the love ;v; <3 I'm just really happy that someone would like my style and believes in me so muchsdkjghs I don't want to let you down haha.

    I like the ideas! The pain/sadness/anger sounds like a fun challenge for trying to capture that feeling! The light side/dark side is also a cool idea~ both pieces might require a bit of time just a warning though, just to make sure you're ok with the wait ^^.

    For your first order, did you have a certain angle in mind? Would you like it frontal like the pose ref or closer to your last commission?

    For your second order I will have to charge for 2 people if that's ok with you. When reading the details of your second order, am I right to assume you would like it colored? I'm just a bit confused as you listed your order as "C" type but listed some colors . Please let me know if I have that right ^^
    Also I'll try my best to do a background for u ;v; I don't have much practice though so just another warning but if you're ok with me practicing on your piece then full steam ahead!

    Thank you for ordering & all your support <3

    For the first order, a frontal would be cool but the last pose was really awesome as well. Whichever you think will be better for you. As for the second order, I kinda figured it would be charged for 2. No worries, I got it. As for the background, better to try while you have free reigns right? The floors and two moons should serve as a nice warm up for future commissions and this will be a good test to see how well it comes.

  • *Closed* ✩°。⋆SquidChip Shop⋆。°✩

    Kamo_Te, I'll post a commission wednesday if you are still open. I has money to commission you x3
  • Dango's Art Shop! Commissions Open! ♥ (Gold/PP/NX)

    bump, cause i miss the art here x3