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September 4, 1998
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  • Alexina Server Merge?

    I am in favor of server merge and really want it to happen. It'd be healthier for endgame content.
  • Alexina Should be merged with Nao as well.

    Hello, I've been playing Mabinogi for years, and for years I have always wanted a server merge so that I may play with my friends on different servers. Even over on Alexina, it feels as if amount of active players compared to afkers and bots aren't adequate enough to keep the server in a healthy state. I am happy to hear the other servers are being merged in one, but I really, really think it's a mistake that Alexina is being left out on this.

    A lot of people have already mentioned their dislike for not being included over on the community discord, and I think they're very valid.

    I'm not the best candidate for organizing all this into a list, but I think that Nexon is making a huge mistake leaving us out on the server merge, and for the health of the longevity of the game it might be better to just merge everyone together, that way our server is not being left out. We want to be included too!
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  • Alexina Should be merged with Nao as well.

    I want Alexina to be merged with Nao. our active populus is not the same as our Online populus. we have a bunch of afkers and bots, and aren't as active as people make us out to be.
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - April 11th

    can we have elf/giant marriage with the giant updare? xd
  • Elf/Giant Marriage?

    I'm really happy with the new updates that globalized a lot of the customization options, I can finally be a black elf! It took soo long but i'm happy with it.

    But, I think we should also have Elf/Giant Marriage added soon too? The war in the lore ended ages ago, and it makes no sense to limit players on who they can get married with purely based on a decision they made when they made their character.

    Elves should be able to ride on Giants, and they should be able to get married! ;-;