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  • Boutique Guild

    Ataraxiz wrote: »
    Congratulations for the spotlight from Mabinogi on their Facebook page last week! My guild, Electrolytes, just received the spotlight for Mari! Again, congratulations!

    Congratulations to you as well!
    We're so thankful for the honor of sharing the spotlight with everyone else, it was very unexpected but it honestly blew our minds. ♥
  • Ruairi is pronounced Rory

    Gaea wrote: »
    I found it kind of funny during the the last stream how Saygo pronounced it Ru-Ai-Ri. =P

    That's how I say it, and nobody can tell me otherwiseeeee ~

  • How many more years do you think Mabi has left?

    This question scares me.

    A game I've been playing for many, many years will always be hard to let go of. Even with all of the AFKing for events, or just too busy with my real-life to do anything other than afk; I enjoy this game very much. I always have faith in the population regenerating, greater events, and even good content. But there's too many people who have given up waiting for it.

    This game is unique, it's very different from any other MMO's I've seen/played. I love the combat system. I love the freedom we have into ranking literally whatever skill we please, at any given time. I enjoy the adventuring to other continents, even if there's nothing to really do because we've done it all thousands of times..

    No matter how many years are left,
    I hope there's enough.
  • Sound of Spring Event

    The limit of 5 Raw wood daily, is the reason I will not be getting the greenhouse. With my schedule being as hectic as it is, I'm lucky I can even manage to even get two or three for that day. I really hate the AFKing aspect, but I also really enjoy the props. I really liked the Naco commerce event, you were guaranteed 3 props. With this, I've only gotten 2 new props -- & Mostly seeds as my reward.. Upset I won't be getting the greenhouse, or most of the props I'd adore having in my HS (Without buying from players) but I understand that's a "self problem" :P!
  • So.. When are the reforge bot shops going to die?

    It's more of a blessing than a curse, in my honest opinion.
    It's nice to see prices for even the littlest things like Enchant Protection Pots and Trade Unlocks going for half the price they were before (I know the peddler event has a bit of play with this, but lets face it, these shops were always around..)

    Its unfair to the people who would buy reforges and sell for 500k-600k, I agree, But it's an economy, everything fluctuates. Same with gacha! One day an outfit can be 20m, it comes out in gacha next week and it's suddenly 5m.
    Welcome to your tiny abode.
    Prices being lowered is very much needed on Ruairi. Not everyone has the gold to buy all these needed items. It just makes things a little easier.. I see it more as fixing the economy we screwed up, than breaking it even further.
    Most times I question whether I should blow $10 on a NX card to buy a Enchant Protection Pot instead of wasting 3-4m because gold is more essential, & needed than my hard earned money..

    We don't know if it's actual players creating alts and selling these items. Pretty sure there's a limit on how much NX you can buy daily/monthly.. Though, What these people do with their money is none of our business. If they work hard for it, let them be. Like most of us, blowing $50 on the newest gacha.

    I'm not for, nor against bot shops (or these "player shops"). If it's truly bots, you know the ones who spam advertise for selling gold, then Nexon should do something. I have so many blacklisted because you can't even hold a small conversation without opening the log [Which freezes my entire PC for atleast a minute]. Buying Gold from them is against ToS, and I hate to see people caught in their trap. If it's actual player just using alts, we can't do anything but accept it (&praisetheloweredprices!)

    That's all.. have a fox. ♥