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  • I want get the new lux bag :c but cant because of

    Reassure wrote: »
    What about a dedicated bag that can hold only other bags? ;DDD

    Yes, but make it so it expires after a month. >:)
  • A rather irritating thing I'm noticing lately...

    What irritates me is this term "auto-win". B.O "Buy-out" sounds more proper.

    It's the opposite for me. Auto Win was the first one I was exposed to, and B.O. is Body Odor to me, no matter the context. I have to think twice whenever someone uses it to represent something else.
  • Add Swimming animation via skill or action!

    People have been bringing this up for some time now. If not the ability to swim or sail, then at least an underwater area (which that new think in the Korean version seems to be, almost).

    I think it'd be neat. To mention some possible uses (and tie it in with some other suggestions I've seen around - namely improving life skills and doing something with gems), it'd be neat if we could swim out to certain spots to use metallurgy or fishing to gather special materials. The Oasis comes to mind. This would also have been a neat way to access the shipwreck in Scathatch. This would be a neat way to allow us to reach the islands near Emain Macha too. Maybe they could finally reveal what that one sign says.

    It doesn't even have to be a new skill (I'd personally like to cool it on new skills for a bit). Imagine some diving gear that works like the hot-air balloons. Speaking of, I imagine creating a swimming area would be as simple ('simple') as creating another alternate dimension like the flight zones.
  • Peddler Event

    does he like, spend 30 mins walking from one port to another? cus while the "peddler is moving from one port to another" msg is scrolling hes in neither area

    Sucks to not have a mount.
  • So dungeon botters are a thing now.

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    The difference is Multi-clienting is bypassing the game which is not programmed to open more than one client, so you are using a bypass, while the other is simply a person with more than one computer. Since someone could have computers that run mabi, people can just simply be using more than one computer. That is why I just don't bother to report people, I'm not going to report someone without knowing if they are multi-clienting or using multi computers, nor am I going to walk up to someone and ask. If someone is stupid enough to bot in public view, where there are alot of people seeing them, that is their own problem,
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    If you just let people be, and don't do your part in, not harassing them and jumping down their throats, but in reporting this behavior to Nexon so they CAN handle it of their own accord, then you are part of the issue!

    This is exactly what Iyasenu meant. If you don't report them, you're part of the problem. Perhaps you don't see it as a problem, though.

    In any case, reporting is the only reasonable course of action for one who does see this as an issue. I like to think that people don't just instantly get banned with no investigation when they're reported, so it's not as if you're likely to inconvenience someone who isn't doing anything they shouldn't. If you just let them be, then you're knowingly allowing this to continue.

    What is wrong with reporting these people if they look suspicious?