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  • Skill Progress Bars On The Go.

    I think this would be neat as an improvement to the quest tracker. Instead of just quests, make it the 'whatever you wanna track' tracker and enable skills to be added on there; so whenever you're actively training a skill, you can just look at your progress on there, and advance it whenever, even mid-battle.
  • Double Rainbow/Events in general....

    Gaea wrote: »
    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    That doesn't matter anymore considering you can just level a few times, get a rebirth potion from potential and use it during the DR, and most people who work on weekend's still have some time to play, since if you are working weekends, you likely work part time. SO working 4-8 hours aday means you still have time to play.

    Exactly, lets not turn this into something negative. Everyone will at least a couple hours to devote even if you work weekends. Honestly I can only grind for a couple hours anyway before I get burnt out. Lets be realistic here.

    It's not even a negative, just the absence of a positive - and the request that that positive be added. In short, a suggestion for improving double rainbow events. The guy barely complained at all, and it was an unavoidable part of expressing his opinion.

    You're both trying to rationalize imposing limits on others based on your assumptions (in bold) and personal preferences (underlined). Pretty ironic responses, considering you asked for this event in a very similar fashion. Is there any good reason not to do this for future double rainbows? It's not like a GM event, where the GMs actually have to be there. Why wouldn't you want more DB tiem?

    Also, @OP, this should probably be in suggestions.
  • Am I doing it right?

    Xiokun wrote: »
    I'm calling PETA on you. >:(

    Why? He didn't even hit the sheep.

    Looks like he's exorcising the wool from it or something.
  • Special Wedding Hoe is not working

    Wedding hoe. What an oxymoron.

    *Googles oxymoron to make sure I used it right*
  • CyberEvent needs your help!

    This guy still exists...
    KororeBlissfulkillMabbiTheNyanCatBuffalosMeyKimberlyTiramisugoiNeroyFroglordand 1 other.