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  • So.. When are the reforge bot shops going to die?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Froglord wrote: »
    This is so obviously shady though.

    Do you expect someone to go onto 6 ~ 15 accounts at once, spend cash on thousands of reforges each month and sell them at that price?

    There is some real world trading going on behind the scenes, someone's buying nx online either by steam or online retailer and they're pumping money they've gotten though selling gold into buying nx for reforges to sell those reforges, to sell the gold for irl $$$ to other shady players, to use that money to complete the cycle all over again.

    This is a serious thing that needs to be addressed.

    I'm going to shut this down and call FUD.

    Yep went there.

    No one is profiting that much even if they are going that route. More than likely it is for personal progress of their own character accelerated. All perfectly legal folks, especially when it supports Nexon. I am not going to say pay to win, because I pay to support.

    How do you know? Do you even know how much these people sell gold or NX for? What about their expenses in acquiring it? What about the profits they're seeking to make?

    I'm not saying that I believe what Froglord said is the case, but you've given me no reason to believe you either, and yet it seems as if you're trying to say "Don't even consider what this guy said it's just not true because I say so". If Froglord is spreading FUD, you're spreading FSS (False Sense of Security).

    Also, unless you buy NX and then just give it away to random players (or throw it away), you are paying to win. Not saying that you don't intend to support Nexon with your moneys, or that you can't do both; but no matter what your intentions are, this is the result of what you're doing.
    There is a limit on how much you can charge via steam and the website. There is a way higher limit on pcgamersupply...and lets not forget the old fashion karma koin cards at the stores.

    Just let the players with the cash do what they want.

    When I read this, taking into account the other stuff you've said in this thread, I hear "Hey I like cheaper reforges just leave 'em aloneitsnobigdealeveniftheyareuptonogood"

    Not that it matters what we say here, Nexon seems to agree with you already.

    (I still believe it's Nexon doing this by the way)
  • Fortune Teller Atelia is Missing!!!

    nevyn25 wrote: »
    what's up with this bug thingy? didn't notice anything earlier today when I was at festia

    Are you talking about that image up there?

    That's no bug. That's Mohawkguy.
  • where to get moongate book?

    Shhh you guys.

    He just came into a normal thread to clear something up. If you give him too much negative feedback, he may be discouraged from keeping up this good behavior. (And it's already doubtful that this will ever happen again)

    Don't listen to these guys Saygo. Thanks for the information and the apology, you adorable burglar bunny you.
  • Potential System Issue

    Potential System Issue?

    Stop beating around the bush. Is there an issue or not?
  • Thank you Nexon for fixing the font!

    I am so happy, I have been waiting six years for this, I am more excited about this than any event or update!

    My eyes got so wide when I read this, it broke my face.

    It can't be true...
    Either it's not true, or the Nexon we all know and love (to complain about) has been spirited away and replaced by some creepy... professional doppelganger.

    Yes, I'm sure even companies have doppelgangers.