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  • A New Stream On April 12th About Future Update

    Ellisya wrote: »
    You are missing a point.

    It's not about RNG or No RNG. It's about 'Making Players Pay In Cash Whatsoever' rather than using in-game contents resources. Now, you probably will say 'Then go buy it from other players with gold!'. Like I said, 'Whatsoever'. Whether you like or not, game is still making other players pay real money to make other players enjoyable. Expansion of homestead was one of an earnest request from many players but look what they have done. Rather uncapping level to make homestead expandable, they just brought up with cash items. That's the part where people got disappointed.

    But then I'm not saying this is totally bull and we should not buy 'whatsoever'. It's just their reputation going downhill once more like always.

    It's stuff like this that they should be monetizing. This is coming from someone who HATES that reforges are a thing - I still think it was a huge mistake the way they did it, and it never should have happened (or at least shouldn't have happened the way it did).

    But stuff that doesn't actually impact gameplay is fine. I definitely wouldn't call this a mistake, or a blow to their reputation. It just might be too little too late to fix their reputation. More neutral than good or bad.
    ROan2011 wrote: »

    Mmmmm. Can't wait to get my script.event.item.item73257's.
  • Why add bonus's for returning players?

    Yoyoking wrote: »
    Why is it always that returning players get "buffs" some new outfits and other things???
    Nexon is basically just saying you get benefits IF you quit for a bit then come back.
    Like what? If we stayed longer then most that have quit where is our "bonus"

    Just saying. Rant over.

    Your bonus is all the time you spent on the game, plus the items you get from events (Some of them have been pretty neat lately too).

    Having said that, they really should tone them down a bit, if what this guy said is true.
    Firelinks wrote: »
    Kinda agree on this. During the master plan event. One of my friend came back and used the returning title to get x36 training xp. Bit overkill.

    He was under 1k total so he ranked EVERY skills he could get and returned ap after each talents.

    The beginner benefits are also broken, since you can't access them after 1k. I guess that'll be fixed soon if Duncan is offering to reset everyone's skills after this update, and they might be giving everyone a great big book of everything too.
  • A New Stream On April 12th About Future Update

    Sure. For starters, the most exciting thing covered was- *buffering*
  • A New Stream On April 12th About Future Update

    Watching the Stream, anyone else bummed about the homestead expansion being cash shop? I know there's allowable trades but like... Why are they making people pay real money for this...

    Because they know people will pay real money for this?

    Since it's something inconsequential to general gameplay, I have no problem with it.
  • Neamhain

    scorpin99 wrote: »
    This could actually be a reason for irrind's curse breaking and the shylien nature reserve's appearance. With nemhian either dead or gone, her influnce over these areas are faulting and it could be that they're returning to their natural state, that being silva forest for vales and the shylien nature reserve for connous.

    Or maybe a Hippy Bear and his Emo Pedophile Friend went and released all of her seals, and that caused those changes.
    Tsumikki wrote: »
    Did someone mentioned waifu wars for bumping purposes?
    Neamhain > Macha = Morrighan
    I want more of them all in the storyyy
    Too bad their story time has ended it looks like.

    Yeah, I'd like to see more of them too. The way they ended their involvement in G16 was pretty crappy.

    What we learned about the gods/goddesses:
    -Each one had their own vision for Tir Na Nog (Dunno exactly what any of them are though)
    -Apparently, they didn't actually know what they were doing, since it seems like all they ever needed to do was get rid of Bella to prevent the destruction of Erinn, and none of them ever thought to do this

    That's about it.

    It also seems kinda dumb how they decided to bring Tarlach and Ruairi back into the story to prevent the gods from meddling right after the gods decided to leave Erinn alone, with no immediate motivation. I imagine Ruairi brought some wine with him when he finally went to see Tarlach after all those years, and Tarlach suggested it while in a drunken stupor.

    "Hey.... RUAIRI hey Ruairi!" Tarlach mumbles as he repeatedly presses his hands on Ruairi's face, clearly drunk.

    "Zzzzzzzzzzzz...*snort* Wha-what man?"

    "I've been thinking and you know... you know what we should do?"

    "What should we d-"

    "We gotta get RID of those pesky GODS! I can't SLEEP MAN; they're always around to keep me awake. There's two of 'em on your shoulder right now, just laughin' at me ...Menacingly!"

    Ruairi wildly swats at a moth on his shoulder as Tarlach continues.

    "I can't sleep with all these gods everywhere bro, we gotta get rid of 'em. And they killed your waifu too. What was her na-"

    "WAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!TRIONA!!!", Ruairi suddenly bursts into tears.

    "Yeah her... I tell you what. We'll go to Iria and get some new gods - even more annoying than ours. They'll keep our gods awake so they'll be too tired to stop me from SLEEPING. And maybe they can bring that girl back too so you can stop crying - OK Ruairi?"

    Ruairi was pumped up at this suggestion, so he went on a drunken rampage around Iria, until he found a charm to give to tarlach, and then they went and undid all of the seals in Iria. Their hair grew because after that night, they never got their lives back together - they didn't age, they were simply unkempt (Tarlach just happens to have naturally gorgeous hair and a hairless face; he was the one who first coined the phrase "I woke up like this").

    It's hard to say whether they were drunk for the entire Saga, or they felt like they had to commit to the plan after the Cessair and the dragons hopped on board. Ruairi being drunk would explain why he mistook Millia for Triona though, and why he had some strange, mostly incoherent interactions with Shamala.