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  • Possible Elf Rework Soon?

    Pip-Boy wrote: »
    Archery has usability issues in North America but don't expect that to be fixed any time soon or at all since it works as intended and is very powerful in Korea.

    If there's one thing that's often overlooked about the Elves is that they have the highest movement speed. There's a reason why people pay hundreds of millions for Grade S Wave Sweepers; the positioning advantage it gives you is huge. With spellwalk for instance they become nigh untouchable magic spammers. Fully decked out Elves are arguably the best magic users in the game. This also applies to Alchemy with the new guard cylinders that reduce load time giving you more opportunities to reposition.

    This guy said what I wanted to say, but more concisely. I'd like to point out that while there are things that alleviate the problems with archery (ER reforges, erg), none of them are easily obtained, and archery is pretty unreliable without them.
    Vasumati wrote: »
    I should also mention that giants 'downside' is no archery. But then there's throwing attack...
    Throwing attack loads instantly, fires instantly and cant miss (it TECHNICALLY can... Its happened to me twice in nine years or so...). It has a damage multiplier of 900% and scales with str. All that on a 5 second cooldown (zero on ego). Id hardly call throwing attack a 'downside'.

    Yeah. This would've been OK if we were still limited to a single ego, but it's kinda broken now.

    It's like if only elves got bash, and it scaled off dex instead of str (although, close combat with only bash would be pretty bad against most things).

    i left out chains deliberately, even giants can benefit from chains if they do dex centered talents. and your right about the lack of str of course. but i dont use shurikens for damage, shadow binds title is great for dungeons and missions.

    also, i'd like to add random info about the metallic arrows you can get from the jousting shop for only 2 points.
    they are missing an important fact about you get 10% aim bonus.
    (if the enemy running at you, if you have enough distance, you'll get 100% max aim if you wait. but you got to watch for the smoke animation under your feet to make sure you wont miss)

    i paired metallic arrows with my spirit bow with ultimate unlocked for it. and i dont need vision as much anymore.

    Giants have more of a dex deficit than elves do a str deficit (scroll down to see the totals). Elves definitely have a stat advantage for chainblades, and dex accounts for more of the damage than luck does. You can't say that giants are better off than elves because they have an advantage in hybrid talents that rely on str, and not acknowledge when elves have such an advantage.

    Although, you might argue that this makes up for it, if the part about chainblades is true.

    Also, that's a neat trick with the metallic arrows. I'd forgotten about those.
  • New Reforge Tool Idea

    Don't take me seriously; I'm just having fun. I think this thread is hilarious. If I were to give a more serious opinion, it would be similar to yours.

    Also, I'd say 3-4 out of 3-4 is overwhelmingly.
  • Allow VIP Inventory to hold bags.

    Habimaru wrote: »
    *Conspiracy Theories and Stuff*

    Of course, at some point, the people of Erinn will be threatened by how politically powerful we milletians are becoming. They might even start to wonder if any of those <<looming threats>> are actually genuine at all, or if we're just putting them there or making them up to keep them reliant on us and giving us more control.

    If we push them too far, the more powerful forces of Erinn are going to band together and attempt to oust us.
    Sherri wrote: »
    I know, let's add an VIP inventory expansion coupon (Web shop uses extortion skill R1)

    and the ability to use VIP bags.. for a low cost of $9.99!

    Don't forget, you have to buy special VIP only bags. They're the only bags that can go in the VIP inventory, and they only come from the VIP gacha.
    But at least each one gives you bonus stats like -20% durabilityloss, +20 max damage/magic attack, or +200% movement speed (applies to mounts as well).
  • Talk: does archery need rebalanced?

    -Vision of Ladeca is obviously a band-aid fix, and thus is bad.
    -Lag is more of a problem than aim speed, although a general boost in aim speed would still be appreciated. It obviously helps.
    -This is especially true of final shot; skills seem to take longer to load while it's active
    -In addition to fixing that delay, some extra duration on FS wouldn't hurt. If the delay can't be fixed, I'd say it's needed.
    -Mirage missile is fine, although I kinda wish the DoT would either reliably kill enemies, or never kill them so I'd know what to expect. Would also be nice if it spread a little faster

    While all talents don't necessarily have to be capable of the exact same things, it absolutely does matter how well they perform in comparison to each other. Sure, archery isn't the worst in every possible way, and sure there are other talents that could use some work. That doesn't mean archery doesn't need any, nor does it mean it's not the worst overall (although I'm not here to argue that it is). Archery's problem is that it's slow and unreliable. Because of that, it can perform terribly anywhere; it's bad both offensively and defensively. Alchemy may have low damage, but any enemy you attack will be stunned or knocked back - not that it matters since you'll be wearing a guard cylinder and heavy armor anyway. Martial arts may be slow and bad for fighting multiple enemies at once, but at least a fighter can pull out a quick charging strike every few seconds. And with both of these options, you still have close combat to fall back to, and you can quickly and easily resume using whatever you were before.

    It's called game balance. Probably a pretty foreign concept on these forums, considering it's been absent from Mabi for some time now (if you ask some people, it was never present), but I think we could use some.

    So, does archery need to be re-balanced? I think so. Maybe even 'reworked', as someone said. So do the other talents, even the good ones. In addition to having their own unique flow of combat, each talent should ideally have strengths and weaknesses. Instead what we have are tiered talents: some are clearly better than the others is most every situation, and it's often only because of one or two spammable skills. Magic should be slower in general to compensate for the great damage, close combat needs to not be bash/fh spam, even archery could probably use some kind of range limit, make it more about maintaining a certain amount of distance than just spamming arrows from anywhere, even point blank. That kind of thing. It would also help if stats other than damage and piercing level mattered. Injury means nothing 98% of the time, to name one thing.

    This turned into a wall quick.
    PepperLimelceCreamBuffalosZeoTwelieRadiant Dawn
  • Real Talk: The Gender Imbalance in Mabi

    Buffalos wrote: »
    something something the personal experience of one is not representative of the entire process. The personal experiences of a crowd also won't be exact, and they'll be more biased given this subject.
    Until NA starts giving out exact rates on gacha drops, this is going to be more speculation than anything.

    I dunno... This is Rhey we're talking about. For all we know, his personal experiences may account for 80% of Mari's gachapon openings.