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  • why Mabi is no longer fun.

    Just going to address a few things I've seen pop up in this thread.

    "FH needs a nerf"
    Yes, it most definitely does.

    "Bash needs a nerf"
    Yes, it most definitely does.

    'Mabi has tons of content, so it's better than other games that do everything else better"
    Sure, Mabi has tons of content, but there's still a lot wrong with this argument.
    1.Other (better) games have just as much, if not more content than Mabi does.
    2.A lot of Mabinogi content merely exists in parallel, having little or nothing to do with other content. See life skills (except for magic craft), everything in Iria (except for magic craft, and dragon raids, I guess), and, until recently, dungeons. You can choose to do it if you want to, but there's no practical reason to, outside of acquiring skills and stats once per character, and most of it isn't even fun. They've started to improve this with the dungeon revamp (the practicality, not the fun), but that's only half the problem...
    3.Older content is just broken when new content is a factor. This is to be expected to some degree, because more damage= an easier time. But lullaby, pet spam, rain casting, hidedra? Why? And then there's reforges, but I won't start ranting about those here.

    'Mabi's outdated graphics aren't a problem..."
    In general, they aren't. Anyone who has a problem with Mabi's dated graphics probably quits the game after 5 minutes. No one here cares. Some people probably like it. It really would be nice if the older stuff looked as good as the newer stuff though.

    "Mabi's outdated engine needs a buff..."
    Yes, it most definitely does. It's not likely to get one though, so a new game would be great. Looks like that's not likely to happen either, though.
    dra011 wrote: »
    Honestly that fact that it's needed to get though phantasm shows how difficultly in mabi is done poorly for the most part it is give enemies more hp or more attack or defence and so on nothing that really means you need to think or use multiple skills sets like an endgame dungeon honestly should do you just need to be able to do the damage.

    This. SO much this. Glad someone else picked up on it.

    There is (or was) so much potential in Mabinogi's combat system, but for a long time they've just been doing the bare minimum, making 'tougher' enemies literal walls of HP which require nothing more than DPS above a certain threshold (and enough potions/nao stones/alternate targets to avoid dying long enough to deal that damage) to defeat. Utterly bland and unengaging, but difficult to get past because of the DPS requirement. It feels like a very cheap sort of challenge - cheap here means 'crude and limiting for no good reason'; we all know reforges aren't cheap in the monetary sense. Compare this to combat pre-dynamic combat, and you'll see why older players refer to the old combat as 'tactical' and 'better' even though it was slower and there were fewer options. Our being on-par with monsters meant that we had to pay attention to the skills they used, and try to learn their patterns. Nowadays we just mow things down, summon a pet if they manage to hit us, repeat.
    Gaea wrote: »
    There is nothing wrong with getting a dungeon or shadow mission done fast especially when you are spamming or farming. My FH set basically allows me to almost spam FH and get things done way quicker.

    When it's faster than everything else, to the point that there's 0 reason to choose anything else, but it's not OP.

    What do you think OP means? .-.
  • Need a bit of help in making a decision

    Puppets are cool, but they're not going to speed things up for you if you're already a decent mage. Puppets are pretty slow compared to other things, nowadays.

    Magic is one of the best all-round damage dealers. Personally, I think you'd be better off trying to improve your magic DPS, either by making a casting speed set or getting moar magic damage, or both. Archery's not going to be much better than a good chaincast firebolt for single target damage. Unless you reforge for archery, it's probably not even going to match firebolt spam (except maybe while Vision of Ladeca is on), and if you're willing to reforge you minus swell just reforge for firebolt.

    Otherwise, dual guns should be faster for most things, and easier to branch into since you have some int. Keep in mind, I say this mostly based on observation (I dislike hybrid talents, except for puppets, so I haven't used them very much).
  • So.. When are the reforge bot shops going to die?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Froglord wrote: »
    This is so obviously shady though.

    Do you expect someone to go onto 6 ~ 15 accounts at once, spend cash on thousands of reforges each month and sell them at that price?

    There is some real world trading going on behind the scenes, someone's buying nx online either by steam or online retailer and they're pumping money they've gotten though selling gold into buying nx for reforges to sell those reforges, to sell the gold for irl $$$ to other shady players, to use that money to complete the cycle all over again.

    This is a serious thing that needs to be addressed.

    I'm going to shut this down and call FUD.

    Yep went there.

    No one is profiting that much even if they are going that route. More than likely it is for personal progress of their own character accelerated. All perfectly legal folks, especially when it supports Nexon. I am not going to say pay to win, because I pay to support.

    How do you know? Do you even know how much these people sell gold or NX for? What about their expenses in acquiring it? What about the profits they're seeking to make?

    I'm not saying that I believe what Froglord said is the case, but you've given me no reason to believe you either, and yet it seems as if you're trying to say "Don't even consider what this guy said it's just not true because I say so". If Froglord is spreading FUD, you're spreading FSS (False Sense of Security).

    Also, unless you buy NX and then just give it away to random players (or throw it away), you are paying to win. Not saying that you don't intend to support Nexon with your moneys, or that you can't do both; but no matter what your intentions are, this is the result of what you're doing.
    There is a limit on how much you can charge via steam and the website. There is a way higher limit on pcgamersupply...and lets not forget the old fashion karma koin cards at the stores.

    Just let the players with the cash do what they want.

    When I read this, taking into account the other stuff you've said in this thread, I hear "Hey I like cheaper reforges just leave 'em aloneitsnobigdealeveniftheyareuptonogood"

    Not that it matters what we say here, Nexon seems to agree with you already.

    (I still believe it's Nexon doing this by the way)
  • Fortune Teller Atelia is Missing!!!

    nevyn25 wrote: »
    what's up with this bug thingy? didn't notice anything earlier today when I was at festia

    Are you talking about that image up there?

    That's no bug. That's Mohawkguy.
  • What...are these chickens doing?

    Sai wrote: »
    Establishing dominance.

    "This here lamppost is chicken territory now. Just try to come near it. I dare ya."

    I think you're right. Now that I know what I'm looking it, it's clear that the rooster is attempting to 'come at us', while the hen is trying hold him back. See that crazy look in the rooster's eye?