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  • Add Swimming animation via skill or action!

    People have been bringing this up for some time now. If not the ability to swim or sail, then at least an underwater area (which that new think in the Korean version seems to be, almost).

    I think it'd be neat. To mention some possible uses (and tie it in with some other suggestions I've seen around - namely improving life skills and doing something with gems), it'd be neat if we could swim out to certain spots to use metallurgy or fishing to gather special materials. The Oasis comes to mind. This would also have been a neat way to access the shipwreck in Scathatch. This would be a neat way to allow us to reach the islands near Emain Macha too. Maybe they could finally reveal what that one sign says.

    It doesn't even have to be a new skill (I'd personally like to cool it on new skills for a bit). Imagine some diving gear that works like the hot-air balloons. Speaking of, I imagine creating a swimming area would be as simple ('simple') as creating another alternate dimension like the flight zones.
  • What is the deal with Nao?

    She doesn't really seem to be a powerful sort of goddess, pretty much just the custodian of the soul stream.

    And even if she is powerful, she doesn't seem to be allowed to interfere with anything outside of the soulstream, for the most part.
  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    I kinda hate that I wasn't around to see this earlier, but oh well. Not reading the whole thing right now. Here's what I'm thinking:

    -Give elves more magic defence/prot somehow (maybe through magic mastery?), with a focus on prot
    -Give elves a higher base MP regen rate
    -Maybe give elves an exclusive mana shield buff? (probably through an indirect buff, with a passive 10% all-round mana usage reduction, or a change in mana shield itself so that it uses magic def and/or prot to reduce damage, and thus favor elves, who would have the highest of those stats)
    -Give elves some kind of elemental-infusion skill(s), which they could use with bows and magic weapons to add/increase damage of a certain element (with the added bonus of serving as an additional source of int)

    That's about it for magic. Of course, I think elves could use a few archery buffs too (mostly slight improvements on FS and mirage missile), and the changes made here would warrant other changes to compliment them (changes to content to make these things relevant, similar buffs to other races), but this is the center of it.
    Froglord wrote: »
    This thread is going downhill because of a bias.

    In mabi's plot, only humans were specialized at being druids, and have received blessings favoring magic. Which in turn lead to developing stuff like Alchemy, which was basically an imitation of divine magic.

    The idea elves are good at magic was coined in during the release of Iria, but was gradually scrapped because anyone could be just as equally good at magic. Despite elves paying a higher Ap cost to train magic skills.

    I agree. It actually annoys me a little when people do this, partially because elves are already pretty versatile (honestly, they shouldn't have even gotten bash), and partly because it detracts from discussion of updates to archery, which, I feel, could really use some.

    I've never really seen much of a reason for elves to be better at magic as well as archery. I'm starting to rethink that, but mostly as a way to give them some advantages without breaking the game anymore (and especially as a form of racial balance).

    Also, the hybrid talents suck, for sort of giving elves an actual reason to complain. Most of me wishes they'd never been added.
  • Sabina's Goodbye!

    Goodbye, Sabeana. You will be missed.

    May you sprout well in your new... pot.