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  • Confirmed ; G21 this winter (kr)

    The argument that you can only use Ladeca skills once a day is kinda dumb considering, if you have a good party, anything you're running should finish before it runs out anyway, and instead of hopping right back into another run, just take 5-10 minutes, and it's right back up and ready to use for the next run.

    However I also don't think a lot of you understand just how difficult it is for a Giant to cap Dex. To make an example, I'm going to be very generous here and assume you're a level 40k giant who really wants to cap dex, so much so that you rb into Starlet/Culinary Artist every RB for that extra 0.5 Dex every level that you won't get in free talents. So now you're age 10, and at 1 Dex per level. Now you got to level 200/50, so you get your 248 dex from levels and your 200 from Eweca. But oh no, you're not even at 1500 yet. You're only at roughly 1200. You need catering now.

    Let's take a look at how our level 40k Elf friend is doing, who is also at level 200/50, in their free archery talent, with their 0.75 base dex from levels at age 10. Why, they're already at 1800 Dex! Capped out! They don't even need a Dex Cater! They can go make a reasonably easy Cater that will give them 300 Luck for more damage! While the Giant has to make a dex/luck cater, that will only give around 180 of each. Still not enough to cap our dex, and less luck than the Elf is getting.

    I'm going to first say that I do not know how much Dex/luck the new skills are going to give in total. For Argument's sake, let's assume they give stats similar to what Ninja gave in Str/Will, and give our Elf/Giant another 174 dex, and 89 Luck, and another 30 dex and 70 luck from getting Grandmaster in the Talent.
    So let's say our Giant is now at roughly 1400 Dex without cater, and our Elf having been capped at 1800 for a while now.

    Judging from stats on the character sheet in the test server, it appears that the stats will be somewhere around a 2.5 Dex/max and 4.0 Luck/max.
    Basing this next logic off of that, we see our capped Elf with roughly 1800 dex and 846 luck after eating a 300 luck cater. And the Giant, assuming he is eating a 180dex/luck cater has roughly 1580 dex and around 646 luck after their cater. Let's do some very easy math to figure out what max we'll have in the end with these setups.

    The Elf should have around 931 max, without taking into account anything but their stats, while the Giant should have around 793 in similar situation. Let's add their 1.15 damage increase from Might of Ladeca to that and they end up with...only 912. And remember this was being very generous to the Giant in terms of them getting Dex. Normally their Dex/Level would only be 0.75. I'd also like to point out that it would actually benefit the Giant very slightly to just eat a straight Dex cater to cap it out, but the difference is very negligible, and still doesn't beat Elf.

    Keep in mind I, at this point in time do not know the stat gain per level in the new talent, so assuming it gives 0.5 dex per level, the Giant won't have to pay for their RB's, and not accounting the luck that it will give, since Elves will benefit from it just the same, the math will still be accurate.

    Also keep in mind the stat gain from the stats themselves was assumed. If by some chance they give enough dex to cap the giant's Dex without cater, then they will come out on top after using their Might of Ladeca by about 30 max. But that'd be a lot of Dex to give.

    This was also done using level 40k characters for that maximum Shine of Eweca boost, which I doubt very many players in NA have anyway.
    I also did not include Echostone use in this because it's irrelevant when both of them can wear the same stat Echostone.
    And for our real try hard Dex Giant, if they go and make Dragon White Wine Caters every time they run something, they will beat Elf with their Ladeca. But I'm trying to be realistic.

    For reference, the caters I mentioned were Curry-Roasted Red Sea Bream for Giants, and Apple Pie for Elves.

    In the end though, if we're all playing pretend that everyone here is completely, finish-line endgame, the damage difference is not that big anyway.
  • KR gets another VIP update...

    This isn't new, and you should know it isn't considering you made the thread talking about it when it actually was new.

    You even posted the same exact link, that leads to a time-stamped page, "2017.05.11 10:59".