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October 13, 1992
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  • Bingo gachapon and other sales

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    They don't need to do something to make everyone feel included because they already do that. They are always doing events that give out free outfits or free pets. They always do hot-time events, and giveaways. Also the stuff that comes in gachas and sales are 99.99% of the time tradeable (minus 1-2 items) so you can always buy them from other players and they are hardly always expensive.

    "Hardly expensive"? You mean like the 30m+ for items from the Egyptian sets? Or how there are items with poses and then the sets that don't have it? And the items with poses are, again, 30m+? Not to mention the people on other serves (like Alexina) are stuck with crap prices that are way too over priced because of one person - or so I'm told from a person who left Alexina for that very reason.
    I mean, sure, if you feel like wasting $300 or more on gachas, go for it.
  • New Metals

    I can see where this idea would be great and all, but at the same time, I'm sitting here looking at Carpentry, Black smithing, Tailoring and similar skills with this major disdain on having to level them, lmao.
  • Bingo gachapon and other sales

    While I do understand the need for nexon to do their sales to pay their employees, not everyone who plays this game is able to pay for events like this bingo gachapon.
    I remember when we'd get a bingo event and you had to hunt for the tokens needed to play.
    It also makes it difficult for people who want to get the sets (fashionogis) but can't afford the outrageous prices set by people who first get them.
    I can't be the only one who misses having the sets come out in bags like they used to do. I mean, the rebirth cards were great, too.
    I guess my feedback for this would be, maybe nexon could do something to would make everyone feel included again?
  • KuroKnights wants you

  • The Little Orphan Alyn Event

    Katherz wrote: »
    The quests are daily. Alyn says it when you pick which skill to focus on :3

    Ah, thanks. I usually skip the whole text when talking to NPCs. ^.^'