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  • Trick-or-Treat Scream-shot Costume Contest


    The irony of using nightstalker before I saw this was the big prize TM...

    Best way to contact me is through the official mabi Discord, @auracion !

    Good luck to all :blush:
  • Update and Revamp Boss Rush Dungeons.

    This suggestion in a nutshell: Make Boss Rush dungeons the intended instance for getting materials from dungeons.

    Boss rush, per design, only consists of one room. That alone fixes a lot of the issues relative to dungeons aka length, monster HP being way too bloaty, and long hallways.

    Instead of requiring a 15-minute run to yield nothing, Normal dungeons could have a better yield of boss rush dungeon passes, as the incentive for players to run those to get the materials needed for gear. It also gives experienced players a reason to run those again. Add in the Huge Lucky system in place for the smoldering threads, and Boss Rush Passes that do not expire, then you let the players pile up passes and run them whenever they have the time to.

    If the reward chest from Boss Rush is to be adjusted to include the 'rare' and 'new' drops, it would make dungeoneering a lot easier. Likewise with the drops designed to come from the bosses directly.

    Boss rush to start with already requires the player to be able to handle the boss monsters in the dungeon, so drops wouldn't be made 'easier' to get just by making it the proper strat. Instead it'd make dungeon runs more rewarding than the current status quo, and much less time-consuming/mind-numbing for the average player to get crafting materials.

    While the Dungeon system has gotten multiple revamps in the past while never really fixing the issues latent to dungeons, Boss Rush dungeons always had that framework that could make it worthwhile for players to run, just like Abyss dungeons are preferred to get smoldering thread due to their straightforward design.
  • Bring Back Tara Greenery

    Since the excuse back then to remove props was 'lag', and even after splitting the map nothing much did change... Can it be possible to bring back the trees and shrubbery that were in Tara before?

    The anniversary event added a bunch of props to the city, and there doesn't seem to be any lag issues, as far as I can tell. So why not bring back those, too?
  • Do away with gender restrictions.

    Negumiko wrote: »
    The biggest reason I don't see Nexon removing gender restrictions on all outfits is money.

    There -are- ways to still make money even without limiting players. For a game all about freedom, it becomes weirdly restricted when you start to dig deeper into the fashion aspect.

    Heck, they started to put separate idles and put special/nonspecials in gacha for that very reason. Create rarity for people to pull the version with idle. It wouldn't be too farfetched to keep doing it, or as I've suggested in another thread, to just make the unisex version gacha-only while releasing patterns for the regular versions. There are options that allow freedom whilst still making money, the matter is nexon being willing to give players something nice.

    When we keep seeing the sameish designs for both males and females anyway, might as well just let us choose.

  • Suggestions regarding Puzzle events.

    - Make puzzle event permanent, instead of three months of nonstop login and having it act as an event filler. Make it replace any kind of battle passes, honestly (looking at you, Kr.)
    - Puzzle event should last the whole year, which would give plenty of time for anyone to get the puzzle completed. It then could be cycled to another outfit set afterwards.
    -Give daily rewards for it each day, instead of once a week as is current. It could follow the daily bonuses ex: Monday = crafting material, Thursday some magic powders, etc. They could also be randomized to not throw off the in-game balance and disrupt material flow.
    -The pieces needed would still average about three months of activity, which would be fair considering the span of a whole year and people having things like a job, or school. Any extras beyond the outfit would just be that: extras. a small incentive without it being too game breaking.
    -All of this would be account/server wide. One character per server, per account.
    - For the last-minute people, or those who don't want to bother with logging in for the whole three months, give them an option to pay to get the puzzle done quicker, because, let's face it, that's just within this game's cash shop methods to do something like this.

    These suggestions would make puzzle 'event' friendlier to players, and would also give a more certain method to get those specific outfits in a recurring way, especially since most of them do have some in-game functions re:special NPC lines in chapter 7.