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  • In game, what is the difference between...

    slight necroing here, but I feel this thread needs a lil clearup.

    what really divides them is how they are treated first; like any other fomorian.

    then, as people stated already above, the sameish model / restrictions.

    though when the succubus queen was brought in, she also appeared with the baby succubi. they were a sort of 'reveal' of what was hiding under regular succubi's hats after this long. if they're ever going to get revamped models, we don't know, but in mabi canon, succubi have furry bat-like ears.

    sirens have lines where they try to enthrall you with their flute, apparently. They get rowdy to the point that aer gives us a pass to put a stop to their antics. Other than that, i would consider Merrows to be their endgame right now, since technically they are found in watery areas, and the OG merrow was fought in rundal... but that's just speculation.

    On the other end, incubi don't really have much of development as it stands, and the appearance of the incubus king didn't really add anything new to the pot. There isn't really anything (that i know of) that explains their existence in the Castle Dungeons. While the incubus king has his own lore, it's not inherently tied to the other incubi like Queen's was to succubi. Elatha's RP mission is, as of now, the only thread we have about generic incubi that is more than just 'monster you have to kill to get to end chest'.

    A lot of the monster lore has yet to be explained properly, or has been sitting still for a long time now, so a lot of it is up to your own interpretation of things.
  • Culinary artist + cooking expansion content

    Give the man a storyline and background.

    Related content updates:
    Chef's passion gains a passive bonus to ingredient hunting, and ingredient drops from animals (not leather.) Becomes craftable via blacksmithing (using materials that exist currently, gotta mention) and can be upgraded/special upgraded.

    New mob drops: different cuts of meat from various animals in Iria and uladh both, like gnus, aardvaks, sheep, Wolves, buffalos, lizards, scorpions, crabs, horses, ostriches, alligator, etc.
    Millepede skewers? :D

    New meat-type items, like ribs, feet, loin, strips, ground meat and such.

    New recipes that would use those new cuts of meat, at different methods of cooking.

    Cooking dans: new methods of cooking, involves confectionary and cheese making for instance.

    Iria field bosses also get new drops and dishes, similar to tech's kraken dishes. Mammoth and yeti gain a tailoring pattern for a robe made from pelt drops.

    I call this the foodienogi update. :D
  • Suggestions about the survey

    I filled it, and it took me a while, but it felt like the survey was more geared towards returning players.

    Too many questions focused on the skills we use instead of actual feedback; the way the questionnaire is set up, only leaves one question/field for... pretty much everything players may want to talk about the game, and (at least in my case) ended up in a big text wall simply because there was no other place for me to put it on.

    I feel like a set of a few more focused questions (ex: what do you like/dislike about storyline, what do you like/dislike about crafting, about gameplay etc) would let players give proper feedback without the team having to sort through huge blobs of text ;/
  • Achievement journal addons

    We need more journal achievements for the total level we reach. It currently stops at 10,000 total level, but as this game gets older and older, of course more and more players go beyond that threshold....

    Journal achievements for reaching all possible dans in a certain talent could also be implemented, as well as an exploration achievement for reaching newer areas like Avalon and scuabtuinne?
  • Adorable Box

    Buying pons to get the style tab
    Getting gacha to use style tab

    the circle of capitalism is complete.

    what's next, buying pons for pons?

    Kinda feels like Devcat forgot to love their own game.