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  • Is the 3ml Music editor broken for you too now?

    Mabibeats has a working version if you didn't grab yours off there.
  • [G22] Lower the Cumu Requrements

    If you simply want to skip level requirements to do content.... maybe... do the rest of actual content that came out before this one? You can do G2 after G1. The same should apply to every gen.

    Or you'd find yourself having newbies start g19 when they wouldn't know any of the story beforehand.... oh wait.

    G22's requirement is fine, and considering Memoir right now, it should be upped. If you clear each gen, by the time you get to g22, you should realistically be above 5k anyway.
  • Ask a Dev Thread

    When will pons become relevant again for beauty options vs coupons?
    When will we get new homestead decorations that don't rely on gacha? (no, that doesn't apply to life skill update)
    Are there plans to update the older graphics, hairs and clothes to newer standards?
  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    My only beef with g21(aside from what already mentioned up here) is that they should've put more art in important moments, especially part 2.

    The credits were a little disappointing since it was just recycling the art we saw through the gen as well. There could have been other stuff, like the aftermath See what the knights are up to in some kind of epilogue, i dunno. G20's credits had more in that way.

    Most importantly, there should have been a portrait of the elder without his helm at the Merlin RP, Altam should have gotten art when he pulled the sword out.

    I just feel there's been a lot of wasted opportunities to add in art pieces, and that would've made the whole gen more immersive....
  • Post your favourite plot hole

    Why are incubi inside castle dungeons? Where did they come from? Why do they live under player-owned castles only? Why aren't they found in Rabbie, with succubi? If there's a succubus queen, would there be an incubus king as well? (Duke is a vampire/undead king, that doesn't count.)