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  • Men's wear vs Women's wear

    Which is more your preference?
    It's tough to say. Girls get a better variety in normal clothes, I believe, but our armors almost always look like lamer versions of the males'. Avelin's armor could have been a nice affordable exception, but they had to add that stupid cardboard cape and ruin it. Our ox armor is cool, but we're outright missing armor on the thighs that the male version has. What the hell's the point of that? The one exception, possibly, is the Bhafel armor, because armored, big, elegant dresses like that are rad but that's something I'll never personally afford. If only Saber's dress was dyeable, I don't understand why none of that stuff was.

    Which do you have more in your collection?
    All female, my characters are all female.

    Your favorite outfit(s) among your wardrobe stash?
    Pic related. These are the fashions I'm most proud of, except for the Diamond-Patterned one, simply because I can't find better boots and gloves for it yet. I generally hate anything that looks way too out there and not right for the setting. That's not to say "realistic"; Mabinogi has always had an anime fantasy aesthetic to it, so say, Short Swordsmanship Uniform basically epitomizes that, while Summer School Uniform just looks like something modern, worst offender probably being chillin' urban. Nonetheless, I'm not infallible, and will fall for a sailor swimsuit here and there, but I'd never make it my main style. I also hate wings with a passion, they rarely do anything for one's fashion and just make you look unnecessarily flashy most of the time, but there are outfits that can make them work. Additionally, Giants usually look far better in most wings, as they already have the proportions of gods. As for myself, I don't want to look like some overpowered angel or demon or some other higher being. I wanna be an ordinary lil elf/giant/orc who's mastered magic and such by her own mortal (even if not really) efforts and merits.

    Your outfits' colors...
    I tend to stick with realistic shades that don't hurt the eyes much. If I want white, I go off-white, because I don't want to look ultra-pristine. Same with black, since pure black just absorbs all light and looks ugly (like on my gothic greaves in the pic, I hope I find a better dye soon). Other than that, I just do whatever colors fit the theme of the outfit I wanna go for. Brown bits look good on a practical-looking mage outfit, with some green to make it pop a bit. Dull colors fit the theme of that orcish-looking outfit because I want to look barbaric and not too fancy. And if it's something like a winter outfit, I like browns and tans and pinks for a soft, comfy feel. In this way, I have an outfit for whatever mood I'm in, sometimes even looking like a different character, which I believe is much better than dyeing everything the same color.
  • Sword Art Online Mabinogi Crossover Event!!!

    You are a plebeian with no taste. SAO crap has no place here or anywhere, and I would rather have it purged from memory. Never have I seen something written so cluelessly bad getting as much of an enormous following as it has, and it disappoints me to see so many whose brains still haven't caught up after the initial hype.

    At least ask for that FMA thing we haven't gotten yet. Or more likely, the return of old Mabi outfits that are long out of circulation by now. None of this 2015-2017 era "classic" stuff in the gachas, what the hell did they even mean by this.
  • Sharing character drawings.

    I really should redraw my elf, since she's gone from being a punchy magical girl to a traditional-looking but tomboyish mage. Still punchy.

    Sorry for it not being colored. My giant and elf, Leonavia and Menelnor.
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  • Making friends

    I have three ways to go about it, and I didn't even realize it for a bit.

    1. Just talk. Enter conversations when you see them, or find something to complain and rant about and people will talk to you as well. A common thing for me to do is outright complement someone if they have good fashion sense, either in their whole ensemble or if they've done something creative and unique with a certain part of it. Like a guy who wears a trinity robe with black secondary color on it, and then wears black wings with it, looks as if he's enchanted his own robe to make the wing designs on it come to life. I thought that was clever as hell when I saw it.
    In this way, you might also end up befriending someone of exceptionally good taste.

    2. Make a purchase. This isn't something I do to make friends, but there's usually some kind of two-way communication going when I make a big purchase on something. And sometimes the seller is a really nice person. Everyone expects to get lowballed in this game, so I sometimes will do the opposite and go possibly a bit above market price if I can afford it, especially if it seems like the person is in great need of money or is selling something that used to be dear to them. This might be terrible advice though, admittedly I'm a naive sap when it comes to this stuff. Anyway, if you think the seller's a cool guy, be generous in your offer and they'll know it without you saying anything further. But sometimes just the talk beforehand is enough, so whatever.

    3. Be generally loud and outspoken. Make your own distinct identity with your words and the way you act, even roleplay a character. If you wear an Ogre Crown and go around speaking like a barbaric orc-lady people will recognize you instantly. If you wear exclusively neon-blue attire and act out a larger-than-life figure who rules over Dunbarton, speaking in an enthusiastic way towards others, people will know your name at a glance. And even if you don't want to do either of these, just speaking once in a while in public, chances are you'll become known simply through playing for a long time. People will recognize you when they see you in their Shadow Mission parties multiple times, or trade with you on different occasions, or hear you playing their favorite weeb-songs at every banquet, etc. The more well-known you are, the more people will simply send you requests themselves. Even if your words are controversial, as this will only make it easier for certain people to see you as an ally.

    I realize this post probably lacks a lot of cohesion, as I tend to ramble, but take from it what you will.
  • why Mabi is no longer fun.

    Greta wrote: »

    If the game is no longer fun to you then why the hell you are still here...??? If you can't do something alone, but you also don't want to feel useless then i can only suggest you playing with your friends. And please stop complaining that this game is no longer fun if you still are playing it. It's same as saying that you hate/are allergic to peanut butter while you are still eating it in front of everyone... Will someone believe that you can't tolerate it when you are literally using it? I don't think so, because i don't believe you at all now.

    Oh and also about you being tough enough for Rabbie Phantasm. That was cute. I can count on my fingers how many players in Alexina can actually handle Rabbie Phantasm without failing/dying too much. You didn't even try to run it... You have no idea what to expect in there lol.

    You've made two major errors in reading comprehension that make this response nonsensical.

    Regarding your first paragraph. I made that statement hypothetically, as in "what is the point of it all if the game becomes unfun in the process?". I still consider the game fun, and it's why I play in a certain way and avoid stale playstyles when possible, at least for myself. Please realize this before trying to bring up this kind of point again. I am only saying that I would not wish to make this game unfun for myself, and do not see why others would pay hundreds of real dollars to exploit such a sheer lack of balance.

    Secondly, you must have read this completely wrong, and I hope you can see this as well very quickly. I did not say I was tough enough for Phantasm. I'm not even close from what I've heard, I haven't seen anything of it but I bet I could get my arse handed to me by a trash mob. I can't even clear some HM shadow missions and haven't even tried to solo any Elites yet. What I was saying is that I look forward to a time, in the future, where I do become capable of it, of being effective enough in a party to help clear it. I don't know much about this game's newer endgame stuff, but Girgashiy shows me that the quality of bosses has probably seen massive improvement, and now offer a challenge that can't be won simply by DPSing things to death or using standard combat technique (I'll use Tabhartas as my example of older, underwhelming bosses, being rather basic in the skills it knows and similar to other golems in how it fights), instead Girgashiy possesses attacks with actual hitboxes that must be dodged, or that must be countered in multiple different ways by the party. Unless of course one just happens to have so much DPS they do bruteforce their way through, which skills like Bash and Final Hit enable with relative ease.

    Read carefully before you respond to this post. I'm glad to debate on this sort of thing, but I don't want to waste time having to clarify misunderstandings. I'll also add this; this mentality that everything needs to be cleared lickity-split? It's that type of thinking that ends up killing MMOs, and I don't understand where it comes from. If you're trying to clear everything as quickly and as easily as you can and are bothered by nuance or challenge, than it would seem that one is no longer having fun with the game. Maybe you don't think this way, but I still enjoy getting my crap pushed in during Elite SMs when I flub a hotkey or fail to pay attention to my surroundings or prioritize the wrong targets. It makes me want to improve and I feel like it pays off when I learn from it and do better in subsequent runs.