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November 12, 1995
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"Greatness can start in the unlikeliest of places."
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i just go on to afk nowadays...
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hi, so with school finally starting up with both high school and college students I thought it would be a perfect time to take out some old uniform outfits. For this outfit I decided to redye it to make it more unique sine I realised I've been using too many black and whites(I'm starting to run out of them too xD) So this time I incorporated both of my colors into this outfit which is blue and yellow.As for the shoes I originally wanted to put lileas boots on them but I couldn't find a pair so I used the boots @LittleCeci sent me a while back. I think it came out well besides the brown being too dark but then again good browns are hard to come by. Lastly was the hair, I couldnt use my default hair since it was the same shade as the jacket and that got in the way so I chose a wig or rather I couldn't choose so I posted both, those reading this post can compare and decide which is better if u like :)

    For the pose I used the Afterschool Uniform.


    Outfit: Royal Academy Formal Uniform (F)
    Headpiece: Rurutie/Wiggling Fox Ears and Wig (F)
    Shoes: Selina's Trendy Boots
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello I'm back :) So I got the Otherworldly Hanbok recently and only just got it dyed a few days ago. I also took the chance to test out how the untradeable wings from eweca looked and considering that I'm not too much of a fan of cupids I wasn't expecting much. But it actually looks pretty nice with this outfit.


    Head:Waffle Witch Wig
    Body:Otherworldly Hanbok Dress(F)
    Shoes:Crinoline Shoes
    Accessories: Two-tone Cupid Wings. Fluffy Fox Tail
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hi, I haven't posted in a while. So I got my hands on a small supply of those dark blue flashy dyes that come from the new eweca orb and decided to incorporate it into my color as well as going with a more darker color scheme.

    I got this Chillin Urban Cap a while back from a gacha but never got a chance to use it, so I redyed it and added it onto my look. I also like the flashing color of dark blueish purple/black. Also i'm glad the puppet theatre outfit is finally back, got my hands on a pair at last after 5 yrs of searching LOL

    Headpiece: Chillin Urban Cap
    Outfit: Cheerful Snowflake Coat F
    Shoes: Treasure Hunter Boots F
    Gloves: Laighlinne Unbalanced Wrist Guard
    Accessories: Black Angel WIngs

    Headpiece: Goggle Hat
    Outfit: Puppet Theatre Outfit
    Shoes: Treasure Hunter Boots F
    Gloves: Laighlinne Unbalanced Wrist Guard
    Accessories: Black Angel WIngs
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Entry Form:
    Items Worn:
    Headpiece: Snow Bunny Nordic Beanie F
    Outfit: Old Saint Nick Outfit F
    Shoes: Chillin' Urban Boots F
    Gloves: Rainbow Sheep Gloves
    Accessories: White Dominion Wings


    The Old Saint Nick Outfit looks adorably cute with the fluffy textures at the sleeves and collar (the parts dyed blue) and can keep you warm when playing in the snow all day. The outfit was alrdy winter themed but technically it doesn't contain the words 'winter' or 'snowflake' so it could have been a loophole xD The Rainbow Sheep Gloves look warm enough to keep your hands from being frozen. The Urban Boots serve as snow boots, afterall they seem like they wouldn't sink into the snow.The Dominion Wings have their appeal brought out in this image, the brightness and the falling feathers gives off the idea of a snow angel. Lastly is the Snow Bunny Nordic Beanie, this little beanie is not only stylish but also provides protection from the cold. I absolutely adore that small rabbit on the side :)
    When you think of the term 'winter' you generally think of cold weather and snow together, and what else would you do on a fun snowy day but play around making snowmen, snowball fights and other fun activities?

    In case it was was too difficult to fully see the details of the clothes I posted some close ups in the same location.


  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a bit due to there being a lack of dyes in my color, thankfully the justice outfit had my secondary color by default :)

    So here u guys go.

    The new Justice outfit looked better than I thought when I first saw it on the event page, I like the cape-like decoration that comes down from the back. I was planning on making my character sit on the new stone bench prop but im way to small right now that I just looked strange and u couldn't see my shoes xD so I went with the moon instead ( The second image is incase the full details couldn't be seen that well)

    Outfit: Justice Suit (F)
    Headpiece: Wiggling Fox Ears and Wig F
    Shoes: Winter Princess Boots (F)