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November 12, 1995
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"Greatness can start in the unlikeliest of places."
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i just go on to afk nowadays...
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    I just slapped on random pieces of clothing in an attempt to come up with a new look. This unexpectedly turned out quite well

    Head: Pihne wig
    Body: Snowflake dress
    Hand: Tribal bird bracelet
    Shoes: Royal academy slippers F
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    I was going to post this once we get images back on these forums but i got pretty happy that i just had to share it. I just got this wig from the festia box a few hours ago and i couldn't believe it! I also discovered during browsing around my dressing room that the wings on the succubus fiend boots were part of the dyed part now (they use to be dark purple by default and couldn't be dyed over) this would probably have been a good entry for halloween though ^o^

    It's also the summer season for over here at NZ so this outfit feels quite right for the summer feel.

    Edit: My mistake seems like it was just a color bug on mabi's part, the wings on the boots went back to purple after relogging - well it still looks great
    Head: Wiggling Fox Ears and Wig F
    Body: Waffle Witch Dress
    Shoes: Succubus Fiend Boots
    Gloves: Puppet Theater Gloves
    Wings: Black Angel Wings
    Tail: Fluffy fox Tail
    Head: Wiggling Fox Ears and Wig F
    Body: Flowery Festival Dress
    Shoes: Winter Messenger shoes F
    Wings: Yellow butterfly wings
    Tail: Fluffy fox Tail
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Greetings to everyone here,
    This is my first time posting in this thread and i never thought i would considering how i don't look around the forums often.

    I just made this robe yesterday and i must say i love the design it gives off a Egyptian kind of vibe with the anklets, I'm also experimenting colors on it while coming up with a secondary color scheme.

    IGN: Ruebattery
    Server: Mari


    Headpiece: Wiggling Kitsune Headband
    Robe: Tribal Bird Robe
    Shoes: Winter Messenger Shoes

    This here is my current color scheme with my favorite outfit so far.

    image image

    From the left:
    Outfit: Atui Outfit
    Headpiece: Wiggling Kitsune Headband
    Shoes: Witch in Training Shoes(F)
    Accessories: Fluffy Fox Tail

    and the right:
    Outfit: Atui Outfit
    Headpiece: Phoenix Knight Headpiece (F)
    Shoes: Witch in Training Shoes (F)
    Accessories: Fluffy Fox Tail