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  • Dan tests are unbalanced and unfair

    The test for firebolt dan 3 has a third wave with THREE giant sprites that aggro you all at once from across the room(on top of the regular sprites aggroing you.) Even if you are smart enough to summon the ice sprites for that test, you'll have to be very lucky to not get instantly aggroed by all of those sprites and be trapped with ice spear and icebolt spam.

    For firebolt you need to utilize extreme luck and everything you have.

    Whereas for the smash test dan 3, my total level 500 alt can get 13k pts with a whole minute to spare. Talk about balanced.
  • Pet Care Package is a Scam

    "Give a good welcome to the Pet Care Package, here for three weeks and filled with goodies to keep your pets in fighting shape! With the brand-new Pet Rebirth Potion, a Pet EXP Potion, a pair of Pet Age Potions plus a trio of massive Golden Experience Fruits and more, it's everything your furry (or scaly) little friends have been looking for."

    Guess what? You can't feed the pet the fruits, you can't put the fruit in the pet's inventory and log on as the pet to eat the fruit, and you cant eat the fruit yourself while divine linked so the pet will get the exp too. Sure you can say that the reforges we're for the pet because pets cant equip equipment, silly.

    *NEW* Pet Rebirth Potion: A potion that rebirths your pet back to the age of 1. It resets your pet's level and stats (Pet Color is not reset)
    Pet EXP Potion: A potion that doubles Pet Combat EXP for 1 day
    3x Golden Experience Fruit (500%)
    2x Refined Reforging Tool PLUS
    Pet Age Potion - Age 1
    Pet Age Potion - Age 5
    Pet Dye Ampoule

    Everyone knows what reforges are for, so that pert of the package was self explanatory. Everything else was labeled "PET" so they're most likely for pets. Golden Experience fruit is a food item that grants you 500% experience, so one would assume you can feed it to the pet since its a PET CARE PACKAGE right?


    Basically, the lack of information in the announcement led to me, buying a few packages just for the fruit to level the pet quickly. Only to be absolutely dissapointed(pissed) that I could not feed the fruit to my pets.