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  • Disable Flashy Option

    See also this thread. Flashy dyes are accessibility issue.

    In the meantime, all we can do is blacklist those wearing flashy items, and let them know why we are doing it.
  • Quality of Life Update

    Thank you Nexon. Many excellent changes here. I was becoming buried by inventory items I couldn't part with, so the extra stacking is very useful.
  • Gold limit why is there a gold limit?

    Why do i have to pay an additional 200 dollars to buy more character cards that i won't use just so i can hold more gold? So this game company can milk my wallet even more?

    Yes. Nexon has to get income somehow. This is one of the ways they do it. This is how "Free to play" games work. Those of us who don't pay get a restricted game experience. Like you, I don't buy extra character cards, but given some of the astronomical prices I see in the auction house, apparently some players do. (Or maybe some of the premium packages also lift the cash limit. I've lost track of their benefits.)
  • Excessive Click

    Amaraz wrote: »
    Another thing with excessive click, squires. Why do I have to click like 5 things to get them on a mission. Please no pop-ups, just send them.

    Yes - squires are so irritating. 5 clicks to assign a squire to a mission. 4 clicks to complete a mission. So tedious! And those irritating unnecessary conversations. Every time Dai tells me he hopes I'm getting enough sleep I consider dropping him from my unit. It might have been cute the first time, but after clicking through it over 100 times it's maddening. We really need a "terse mode" for squires.
  • Excessive Click

    Even getting out of a conversation with an NPC can take 3 or more clicks after you complete the action you want to complete. The conversation window needs an "x" box in the top right corner which will immediately dump me out of the conversation without having to listen to the NPC wishing me a good day and hoping that I'll come visit again real soon now.

    I sometimes suspect the conversation authors don't play the game. So they design these lengthy conversation which give wonderful insight into the NPC's character but they don't realise how mind-numbingly tedious it becomes after you click through it 100 times. Maybe each unnecessary pane of NPC talk needs a button for "Do not show me this dialog ever again". Or maybe we need an option to switch individual NPCs to "Terse mode", like in the old text-based adventure games.