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  • Removal of Pet Daily Summon Time Limits

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    Agreed, the daily summon time nowadays it nothing more than an inconvenience..

    It's especially inconvenient when it comes to some of these Pet Perks' activation requirements.

    It seems like no matter the perk, they have at least one requirement with a "do something for a certain duration", and with pets having a limited duration, that very much puts a limit to the amount of use you can get out of it.

    Blue Shield has "Maintain Divine Link for 1 minute", and Bonding Ties has "Stay mounted for 1 minute".

    But, probably the worst is "Healing Rays".
    Its activation requirements, which you have to complete every one for the perk to activate once, as it is for the other perks, is:
    1. Keep pet summoned for 5 mins (0/1)
    2. Use Healing (0/10)
    3. Use Party Healing alongside your pet (0/5)
    4. Apply the Life Anthem effect (0/1)

    That first one is the worst. 5 whole minutes per activation at the least.
    And to get from rF of the perk to rE it's 10 activations!
    50 minutes at minimum of a pet's summon time for the first rank!

    It's an inconvenience by itself, though the mandatory wait time is basically the same as a cooldown, comparing to traditional skills, but the limited summon times of pets make it worse.

    I just got my first perk on one of my pets but from the looks of it, all those conditions reset if you desummon your pet. So not only do you have to deal with all that, you have to redo all those activation requirements if your pet is desummoned (changing channels, desummon from certain shadow missions, entering and leaving Avalon Gate, etc. Honestly I'm more upset over the pet perk system than the summon time.
  • Anyone wanna take a stab @ decoding this?

    Its official, this game has became so boring that lag is far more interesting than what's going on in current mabinogi. How will Nexon capitalize on this?
  • Mabinogi Feedback Survey!

    I'm sure nexon is going to be reading a lot of merge Alexina with Nao.
  • Hurricane Dorian

    I read the title as "Hurricane Dorren".

    Came into this thread thinking just this. Anyways, take care all.
  • Help deciding a talent :(

    You're going to end up trying out each and every talent anyways so you might as well try to get them all to expert for a nice free 230 AP. This way you get a good feel of the game and you're going to need to do this too because a good number of skills from different talents are needed to help train other skills from different talents. This game encourages you to mix and match different skills from different talents so it can be hard to be purely 1 job or talent sometimes. Also don't let training skills reflect how bad a skill or talent is, training skills can be the worse aspect of this game but the payoff is worth it once you get a skill to rank 1.