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  • Ornament Making Contest SUBMISSIONS

    Did the best I could with the time I had after scrapping my first idea of a nativity set, college work, and my Corel Painter not workin; had to rely on gimp (though it didn't help me with trying to make a bubble like texture on top, and despite that I erased all the background, not sure where the scraps around it are coming from). I just kinda combined what's happened in the year: G23 feels, constantly running away from edgy boi <.<, getting a dyeable Ceraunus, Aton Cimeni sending me a Brilluen Tail Dress in the Marvelous Wing boxes (To which rl me was very fond of lol), and all the talk about Altam's cookies (Why not bake together?), and finally the present I wish I could get but will never have T_T

    IGN: kairiujmk
    Server: Alexina
  • Mabinovel Issues

    McMicah91 wrote: »
    For over a month now, I have had various issues with the Mabinovel function. At one point, I would continuously lose large chunks of dialogue (my only conclusion was that quotation marks are taboo in Mabinovel.) More recently, I haven't been able to submit my completed work. The Tarlach server only has two readable entries right now, so this seems to affect more than just me.

    I've never lost dialogue, but I haven't been able to submit for a week now. It seemed to work just fine a week ago. But originally my issues began in April... and now they're back again.
    As to WHY they won't publish is beyond me. Customer Support can't help either... I even sent them a script of what I did for my mabinovel to check over and to use to test. After numerous failed attempts to solve my issue, they just CLOSED my ticket and set it as 'Solved' with these parting words:
    "Thank you for following up with us.

    I'm sorry to hear that your issue is still persisting. Unfortunately, we do not have any further suggestions for you at this time.

    Once again, I encourage you to continue troubleshooting the content of your MabiNovel to determine the violating factor. If/when you have an update for us, please do let us know so that we may update our internal guidelines should other players encounter this issue in the future.

    Thank you once again for your dedication to the Mabinovel system, and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    If you have any further issues or concerns, please feel free to submit a new ticket."

    So in other words.... they're leaving it up to ME to figure this out. I managed to get my original one to publish after chopping it up below 20 lines and changing a bit of the dialogue. I thought that 30+ lines might be the issue, but then I managed to publish a test novel with 31 dialogue lines. I've tried eliminating factor after factor, and so far... not one thing has prevented test novels from publishing. I mean I understand Mabinovel isn't so popular anymore, but for those of us who enjoy it, why can't it get looked at and fixed :( ?
  • Mabi Update "Intxns" - Original:Mini-Gem Intxns

    The doll bags might disrupt gathering, but mini gems are like little bitties, and bitties need social interaction! I support for mini gems XD!
  • Glewya's New Book - Pizza

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Jazmyn wrote: »
    After filling Glewyas up with a bunch of wine, he finally shared his secret cooking books with me.

    Pizza: 40 list 1 and 30 list 2.
    Fermentation: 40 list 1 and 30 list 3.
    Sous Vide: 30 list 1, 30 list 2, and 30 list 3.

    Jazmyn posted this over in another thread.

    So for ranks 5, 4, and 3 you need those Kitchen Dungeon lists and to access Glewyas' Secret Shop.
    For rank 2 book on Julienning, that one should come from the Emain Macha Cooking Contest.

    Oh, thanks! I didn't see the post so I was lost... guess i got kitchen dungeons to spam...
  • "Space-Time Box"

    I've actually hit HUGE LUCKY FINISHES in RP dungeons and been like.... why CAN'T I KEEP THIS?! XD