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  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    SirRyu wrote: »
    Kaga wrote: »
    SirRyu wrote: »
    Kaga wrote: »
    Lmao here we are at "lores" again.

    I agree with @neyna and @elfvie, if anything fighter needs a revamp but that's another story.

    Like I said earlier; if DevCat ever chooses to give elves some kind of magic revamp/buff, it will definitely not just be because of the lore.

    I also hope they would take a few of the ideas that have been discussed here.

    Oh also about dual arrows; they suck. Even a single bash is better.

    But kaga~ your whole argument about elves being good at magic comes from lore.

    Okay, sure it comes from MABINOGI's lore, but I don't sit here and nitpick every detail about the lore; Infact I didn't even mention the lore on my FIRST comment.

    I simply suggested what elves should get, if they ever get a magic buff, it will be most likely because people complained.
    DevCat ain't gonna care about your "tolkien" lore or whatever.

    Your first post was made about a magic buff for elves. It's probably a safe bet that you got the idea from the lore, no?

    Nah, I simply replied to the thread title, should be obvious, no?

    On top of that, I get it from elves getting more int than humans, same with dex. Now what does that mean? they are supposed to be better in those 2 fields.
  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    Selzyr wrote: »
    Elves need to be better at archery, not Magic, the concept that the long eared sand dwellers are better at magic is stupid and wrong, heck, even the concept that the blokes are better at archery is broken and taken from other people *cough* Tolkien *cough*...
    Question all around should be

    "How too make all races feel unique, and give that "special snowflake" feel to everyone, without compromising gameplay?"
    Something that I'm 100% sure Nexon/DevCat will never figure out, can tell you that at least.

    No. They are supposed to be good at both.
    Everytime we get "updates" (if we get any) for elves, it's always an "archery boost", and never a magic one. So this time we need more magic related buffs.
  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    More base Magic attack
    Elf Exclusive Magic Skills
    Faster cast speed for all skills
    and more.
  • Can we get a x3 or x2 AP event please?

    Mizuko wrote: »
    I am more of a side of no. If I am using my main character, what is the point of holding 12k+ AP if I completely maxed out? If I am using my alt character, then I wish they can make a system where you can transfer most of your main character's AP to your alt.

    Iunno, some people might go Elf or Giant, but it dependent on levels moreso than AP for these specific skills.

    For a 400% aim speed or 10% combat damage? sounds ridicilous to me, and people most likely won't Imo.
    To each their own I guess.
  • March Update!

    Not to be mean or anything but it kind of feels like elves got the short end of the stick in terms of having a cool upgrade ;-;. Feels like it'll be an archery only type of perk which would really suck. Please tell me that I'm wrong D:!

    By "volley of rapid attacks" I'm kinda hoping for some dps potential to help us keep up in dungeons/SMs/with FH but I definitely won't be holding my breath

    Iunno, I asked some of my guildies about this and they told me that we would have this:
    Vision of Ladeca
    • Elf exclusive active skill
    • Can be used once a day
    • Increase aiming speed to 400% temporarly
    • The higher total level is the longer it will last
    • It's been reported that a character with 25K TTL has duration of 15 minutes
    • It is unknown if there is a hard cap to the duration
    • The skill is activate with current level 100
    • The skill is current level dependant and will auto rank with higher level and derank with level reset

    If it is this ^ then I'm going to be sad v_v, mainly because elves were supposed to be masters of intelligence, and dex, and here they chose to only be closed minded for one thing...again. (Just like how elves aren't allowed to dual wield because we have "flabby arms" even though we have strong arms for working that bow.)

    But yeah, in the end, I think we're getting a dps like thing.

    (We should have an elf rework, otherwise what's the point in being an elf anymore other than aesthetic?)

    I knew this was coming. I also hoped for Magic related buff/revamp for elves instead, oh well.
    Archery sucks.