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  • How on earth..

    NA players are lucky anyways. We eu people have to suffer with 210 ping AFTER using VPN.
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    Alukina wrote: »
    I went human because I wanted to be a better gunner but I kinda regret that because honestly with elves having better magic and giants having better strength which one would actually be better ??? Idk fam you tell me ; - ;

    PS: I believe gunner is balance between STR and INT but I don't think it really leans either way from my experience so please correct me if I'm wrong

    Even as a mage, I wouldn't mind race changing to human or giant.

    Elves keep getting more and more neglected anyways, and for those who can't see that; you all probably don't even play as elves.
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    SirRyu wrote: »
    A lot of people seem like they are underestimating the updates that are coming towards us. Keep seeing FH mentioned as the end all skill, but giants can surpass that ,using bash spam, specially after their update.

    Heck elves are being seriously underestimated. +400% aim speed is a pretty big game changer ya'know, just toss that in with FS.

    It definitely isn't a big game changer, not sure if you play as an elf but there are tons of elves that don't even archer, like me (mage)
    And the current "elf" archers will just be able to do about the same thing as they can do now, just a little bit faster.

    IMO that "skill" is pretty much useless. Even FS is more useful (since you don't have to wait 1 IG/irl day to use it)

    If final shot is more useful then I have nothing more to say.

  • Race Change Potion!

    Considering it looks like we will never get an elf revamp, might aswell race change.
    I am for it.
  • KR Mabi seems to be doing something with Vales...

    Arjune wrote: »
    why not make a giant then? they flood us with enough ap and rebith pots and training events you could catch up with your elf fairly fast

    It's not our fault Devcat / KR Nexon is neglecting elves. Why did people have to make this another elf QQ thread? I was all happy and now I'm annoyed

    Because I don't want to remake a character after my elf hit 27k total level, that should be common sense.
    It's actually DevCat's fault (never blamed nexon)
    Don't be annoyed then, you brought that up to yourself. I simply said elves should have gotten a revamp before giants.