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  • KR Mabi seems to be doing something with Vales...

    Arjune wrote: »
    yeah I'm sure you wouldn't be upset at all if only humans and giants could get that title. it would be completely fair for only 2 of the 3 races to be able to solo the hardest content in the game because the title from it is "crappy"

    ok .



    Uhm.. yes I wouldn't? I will be honest here. The only reason I complain about elves is because they have less advantage that giants and humans.
    I already told you on my first post, I would gladly be a giant and sacrifice the "crappy" title anytime.

    Oh speaking of "unfairness", we elves are already immune to that so I wouldn't really care.
  • KR Mabi seems to be doing something with Vales...

    Arjune wrote: »
    so that's your only response.... "the title is crap and we just got it for the lolz". whatever. my point is the title is PROOF that an elf or human can solo the hardest content currently in the game, cheap methods or not, and giants can't. it's unfair, and clearly there are a lot more giant players complaining in KR than elf ones because that's the only reason I can think of for them to tackle giants first. either that or they have screwed up elves so badly that it's taking them a long time to even figure out HOW to fix them while giants are easy

    KR ELVES aren't complaining because they don't have something called "LAG".

    You can't say that elves are superior or at the same level as giants just because they can get a "title" that's not even that good (not like it gives you 100 max dmg and 100 magic attack)

    You probably already have Black Rose Master title so..

    Lets be real, the title is just for an ego boost anyways.
  • KR Mabi seems to be doing something with Vales...

    Let's be honest, the only reason why giants don't complain as much as us Elves is because there a much less people who play giants, for a multitude of reason.

    Damn humans and their final hit and Celtic Royal Swords with Bash enhancement.

    Not really. Giants have more advantages than elves. At this point they should just erase the whole race if they keep buffing the 2 other races (Humans and Giants)


    It's not about getting "everything", this should be basic/common sense for DevCat.
  • New Talent: Thief

    Cho wrote: »

    Elf Combat costs are much lower than Giants and Humans. Elves now have access to 2 handed hammers and axes because of the Celtic weapons.

    Elves have high move speed which makes them better suited for life-skills like metallurgy and harvesting where you have to run from patch to patch. The dex from the life skills goes to archery where elves have a much shorter Magnum Shot CD. With Final Shot, the aim speed increases significantly like Urgent Shot's buff but for 30 seconds.

    Elves currently have the only hybrid dex/int skill in the game (mirage missle) which makes hybriding mage/archer worth it.

    Elven Magic Missle is a basically a big AOE Magnum Shot that doesn't miss compared to Giant's Full Swing which makes you use a 2h blunt when a giant could be using a 2h Sword and their OP Vales Shield instead.

    Elves don't need dual-wield. If anything thieves should have small shields, like bucklers, where maybe instead of defense, counter could be enhanced. Dagger could scale dex instead of strength. If anything, Treasure Hunter is similar to thief. Commerce for money making, Adventure for exploration and treasure, plus crisis escape is very thief like. If only it wasn't so goofy looking.
    Prezzix wrote: »
    Sphyra21 wrote: »
    Prezzix wrote: »
    If Dual wielding should become available to elves, I want mounted archery to become available to humans too!

    I know it seems unfair and somewhat childish of me, but I'm not a fan of sharing the elves' mounted archery lol. Besides, doing so imo would make the only notable difference between elves and humans be appearance. But that's just me ^.~

    Elves can shoot two arrows at once.
    Elves have Final Shot and Mirage Missile.
    Elves have Hide.
    Elves get more intelligence and dexterity.
    There are many notable differences.

    Lets see...
    1. Two arrows? who uses that anymore?
    2. Final shot is only good if you are fully geared and reforged for Magnum spam.
    3. Hide? Useless. I mean really? 35 seconds to RE-hide if you get hit.. and why would you hide to begin with? Not everyone wants to play the waiting game with Hydra + Hide style. And by then humans and giants have already finished rooms (if you are in a party)
    4. not a big deal.
    5. Mirage missile isn't worth it. Even Hydra is better than Mirage Missile. (Same goes for Magic missile, the damage is really bad)
    6. Movement speed? we have movement speed pots, pets, fleet feet, wavesweeper S and what not.
    7. Axes and Hammers don't make elf melee something "OP" like archery(magnum) does with humans.

    Yeah no..

    Instead of giving elves Dual wield, they should revamp the race as a whole, with the skills.
    Or maybe add new exclusive range and magic skills, since they are supposed to be superior in those aspects/classes.
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