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  • More Balanced Elves?

    Nilrem wrote: »
    Would it kill any of you to just use what you find fun and not follow any sort of "meta" trend unless doing something like Phantasm?

    People who jump onto bandwagons are usually the ones who say that "if you don't archer (as an elf) you aren't playing the game "right"

    These are the same type of people who keeps switching races everytime there is some type of revamp.
    It's also funny how much they kiss up overseas' servers play styles.. "ermeged korea/japan plays like dis, I have to do it to".

    Like i said above, I don't archer and never will. I main chains (mainly for impale and sweep) and use n+blaze for aoe attacks.
    Even for phantasm (for those who want to talk about end game clear speed crap) blaze is 10x times faster on the first floor than magnum spam.

    If people want to main archery, go for it. No ones holding you back.
    Just don't tell others that you have to main it to play the game as an elf "right".
  • More Balanced Elves?

    Trythis wrote: »
    @Kaga no it doesnt, what kind of elistist rubbish is that?

    Im pretty sure end game is just not losing , all that 15% does would make a run faster but I guess in your world in order to be qualified as endgame you need that 15%, min/maxers need to chill. Guess what someone with the boh set with perfect reforges and can still suck.

    I do agree based on your server mag gloves could be over 25m but in alexina every now and then theres shops that sell mag 16-20 for like 10m-15m

    That's what most "end game" elves go for, don't ask me.
    I personally don't even use archery and I play as an elf.
    I am more invested into Magic.
    TrythisNeynaRadiant DawnTunfisk
  • More Balanced Elves?

    Opalthira wrote: »
    You can buy all the reforges you need for archery for 10mil a piece.

    I have yet to see a bohemian glove with lvl 20 mag for 10m. And not 100m.
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Mizumo wrote: »
    I am playing this game too, so this topic is in my interest as well. So don't say such thing when it comes to anything new or any argument... Unless you want this to become a discussion between like-minded players that would validate your mutual biases in a non-confrontational environment.

    You made a drama out of this.
    If it's that bad, you can simply move on, or does it hurt your feelings that bad?
    Mizumo wrote: »
    Also, [profanity] ELVES!

    Why are you still here then?

    This thread already gives us proper reasons why we should be able to have dark skin tones for elves (P.S read the first page)
    And I already told you, it's not just the "ears" that distinguish elves from humans, but there are is also face structures.
    I am pretty sure most people wouldn't even feel offended if elves got dark skin tone.
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Mizumo wrote: »
    Kaga wrote: »
    What are you on about?
    About all the "I would play elf but it does not have a dark skin option" whine. You, people, are taking things to literally.

    If you want a dark skin - play giants or human. Just because they gave us more hair colours for all does not mean it is a good thing. I mean what will distinguish elf from a human then? Pointy ears that can be hidden? Let's not bring the real world into the game...

    Also, [profanity] ELVES!

    "Let's not bring the real world into the game"
    Um okay??

    Either way they will most likely implement it if we keep bugging em, like they did with black hair.
    And I sure as hell won't switch to a new race after hitting 40k just because of the "skin color" (I rather bug nexon about it)

    Ears and facial structures distinguishes elves from humans. It doesn't matter if someone wants to hide the ears or not.
    There are already examples of tanned elves and I don't see why we shouldn't get it.

    I will say this again for everyone here.
    Dark skin isn't against the elf lore in this game, if you don't like people suggesting it, go away.