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  • No Elf QQ thread?

    TheDumbOne wrote: »

    if i could just suggest NOT updating elves with new archery stuff.... not only do we keep wasting our very rare moments we get upgrades on elves by giving them half-butt archery skills.... elves dont ALWAYS need a archery skill.... i am a elf and i DONT use archery. I know elves are supposed to be archery ppl... but i think we can do "a little more" then that.....

    They are also supposed to be good in Magic, so I would love to see an elf overhaul linked to Magic instead of Archery.
  • No Elf QQ thread?

    Okuninushi wrote: »
    Can't have elf qq threads when there are no elves left ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    No. Most probably realized there isn't even a point. Not like making a thread here is going to change Nexon KR's opinion.
    We can just hope there will be an elf overhaul. And this time, please no goddamn archery "boost".
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Senyuni wrote: »
    I support this because dark skin should be a thing for elves

    also why 6 people voted no? lol

    Because trolls.

    We do need dark skin for elves.
    We got black hair, now we need dark skin.
  • Who solo'd rabbie phantasm?

    Arjune wrote: »
    Kaga wrote: »

    There are still giant(s) who solo'ed it, so it's still possible.

    .................................................Are you really telling me this after I already posted earlier in the thread that giants can do it? I said it's harder. I did not say it's impossible. Read my first post in this thread. It really feels like you are personally hunting down my posts to add your 2 cents and I'm not fond of it

    No ones hunting down your posts. I simply read what I saw first.
    Stop being so paranoid.

    Giants these days!
    Tairiku[Deleted User]
  • Confirmed ; G21 this winter (kr)

    Arjune wrote: »

    You say that every time and it never makes any kind of impact with me. Especially considering there's still a possibility for elves to get a combat revamp you're just looking for anything to complain about

    "possibility". we don't live on "IFs".

    I am the one who's looking for something to complain about? give me a goddamn break arjune. You are the only giant that I know that complains this much. Infact your complaining is worse than these elf QQ threads.
    Sometimes I wonder if you are just an elf on a giant disguise.

    This is pathetic as it gets, kill me already. oh wait I am an elf, shouldn't be hard to die.