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  • Add an option to Left Hand the mouse

    Kaina98 wrote: »
    It can be frustrating trying to play on your non-dominant hand. I wish there was an option to switch the mouse controls for left-handed players.

    Am I the only left-hander who plays with the right hand and right leg (soccer)?
  • nerf the advancement tests!

    Hardmuscle wrote: »

    I'm sure you (or someone) would be here to complain at 60 ping as well. ....

    We don't have lagless connections in the USA.

    Some do, some don't.
    But most important, ya'll lag less than us either way.

    Me complaining at 60 ping? I doubt it. I had 40 ping in EU and I felt lagless af.
    As for someone else; I already said what you had to re-visit.
  • nerf the advancement tests!

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Kaga wrote: »
    ...Obviously you don't, even if you think you do.
    But If you really are having issues at 60 ping then I think you need to revisit your skills with these dan tests.
    The more ping the worse it is, and most EU players have over 200. As for AU, don't let me even start.
    There you are passing the same judgement you claim I pass of you. ~ I hope your lag doubles now. :unamused:

    It is the truth though, whether you like it or not..
    >The more ping you have, the worse these tests can get.
    >You have less ping than EU players
    >It should be easier for you than for us.

    If I had that 60 ping, you wouldn't even see me on this thread complaining.
    As for you hoping that my lag doubles, it wouldn't even matter if it did. I already lag so bad that I probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference anymore.
  • Best way to do Chain Slasher Dan Test?

    It's ping/rng (crit) dependent.

    I had issues with it too but there are some tips that might help you

    1. Make sure to constant use spinning slasher
    2. Right after your spinning slasher , hit them once/twice and slash again (if you don't have enough dorcha)

    You have to hope that you crit to kill 'em.

    And yes, I know they constantly hit which sucks, but if you crit enough (aka killing em) new ones will spawn and they won't insta aggro you, meaning you will have time to do another spinning slash.

    Fyi I am playing at 220 ping with VPN


    I am really curious how it's gonna be with dan 2/3.. boy
  • Real Talk: Nerf Chainz

    Ena wrote: »
    i was thinking chianblade is just medicore
    why nerf?