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  • Confirmed ; G21 this winter (kr)

    Arjune wrote: »

    You say that every time and it never makes any kind of impact with me. Especially considering there's still a possibility for elves to get a combat revamp you're just looking for anything to complain about

    "possibility". we don't live on "IFs".

    I am the one who's looking for something to complain about? give me a goddamn break arjune. You are the only giant that I know that complains this much. Infact your complaining is worse than these elf QQ threads.
    Sometimes I wonder if you are just an elf on a giant disguise.

    This is pathetic as it gets, kill me already. oh wait I am an elf, shouldn't be hard to die.

  • PSA: The Sheep that has an outfit, CAN FLY


  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Falskull wrote: »
    SO everyone wants a "Dark Elf" which is a different type of race in the Elven race line when "Elf" are all fair skinned. another stupid idea

    with that mindset..
    No wonder people think black people are a different "race" than white people lul

    That so called "elven race line" doesn't apply on Mabinogi's lore, so don't give me that BS.
    If they let us have black hair which only cursed elves have (goes against the lore) then they definitely can give us dark-skin. Dark skin has nothing to do with the lore or any race line BS.

    If dark-skin for elves doesn't go against the lore of this game, then your comment doesn't mean censored
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    nomigid15 wrote: »
    As far as lore goes, the only thing mentioned is dark hair, so that's not really a reason not to have this anyway.

    Yeah well,
    Some people believe elves are supposed to be some white/blond haired creatures even though that's not even MABINOGI's lore.
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Of course they should.

    I don't even know why Nexon didn't give us this yet (they already gave us black hair too)
    P.S before this gets derailed by some "lore" BS, i am pretty sure that is definitely NOT the reason why Nexon didn't give us this yet.