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  • Elf buff for Strength and debuff for intelligence?

    Do giants have a penalty to MP? because if so, that's a thing..

    Elves lack HP
    Giants lack MP

    Elves lack 200+ STR
    Giants lack 20+ INT

    Giants can use all magic skills
    Elves can't use all combat skills

    Giants get lil buffs (like 600% smash damage)
    Elves don't get insert curse for magic

  • Elf buff for Strength and debuff for intelligence?

    Seems like giants will be better mages than elves now I think? lul

    This is sad day for elves.

    LF> race change

    I rather be a race (giant) that can do the same as an elf mage and more.
  • KR mabi player first time playing American Mabi

    Blaze everything, till there is nothing left.
    Don't mage if you don't blaze
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    A couple comments I would like to add:

    1. Not enough elves use combo cards. An elf with a magnum combo card will match human FH dps even in the current game. I think a lot of people overlook combo cards cause they're expensive to make, but they did recently release a magnum combo card in a combo card gacha at least.

    2. Yea FH is good, but without it, what advantage do humans have exactly? Just celtic sword bash, which is already better dps than FH actually with a good connection, plus giants are receiving their CRKs soon. Should humans just go back to having no significant end game advantage over elves/giants like before the FH buff? I don't think so, I'd rather each race have some advantage. I think FH is only arguably broken in SMs and Peaca Abyss because they're old content and monsters tend to die very quickly, so the massive DPS potential from combo carded elves aren't noticed, but humans teleporting around 2 shotting them looks OP. If you look up an elf doing Phantasm with magnum spam, he does fine. If you look up Alban Heroic runs, no one is FHing by the 3rd/4th floor.

    3. Isn't a 400% aim speed a really nice buff already? I don't see why that's not good enough. The argument seems to be that elves are pigeonholed into having to spam magnum.... ok.... that's like complaining about humans pigeonholed into spamming FH and having to get FH reforges. Mabinogi will always have some optimal single/multi target DPS method, so why is it "bad" for magnum to be that DPS skill like FH? As for the complaint about lag making archery impossible, fact is that lags makes a LOT of skills difficult to use. My FH is even affected by my lag, but do I deserve buffs? Probably not.

    4. I think giants deserve buffs, and they're getting plenty of it. I wanna say they will definitely be able to keep up with FH/CRK bash DPS with their new weapons and no cooldown on charge. On top of that, they will do 15% more damage while being tanky with windguard and having the option to spam full swing. Doesn't it sound really nice?

    5. This game is pretty easy already. In its current state any race can do any content, so I think we should all just chill and enjoy the game. As a human, I have no problem with elves and giants getting buffs because everything is easily doable anyways.

    1. It wouldn't change the fact that elves still depend on reforges, and magnum spam, compared to FH that doesn't even need a combo card because it's OP already.
    Sadly I don't archer so I don't use that 55% gold magnum card, I only use a selfmade blaze combo card because I mage.

    2. Stats. They have stat advantages and they are good "all-around".
    Elves are SUPPOSED to have more advantage in Magic AND Archery than humans, which they don't. (Maybe no CD Mag spam)
    I am also pretty sure people wanted elves to have some kind of revamp/buff before FH even was broken.

    3. It's not that it's "bad" but it's not good ENOUGH. Sure humans get "movement speed" which isn't really that good but hey, humans are already OP anyways.
    But when giants get a 10% combat DMG, a 400% aim speed looks bad if you compare it to that. IMO they could have given elves some kind of Magic Attack/Damage boost. But instead now elves will do the same, just a bit faster (a.k.a mag spam)
    Plus there is something called "lag" which most people know about. If NA archers can't compete with KR archers (because of lag) how do you think EU elves would feel?
    Sure both Archery and FH is DPS/Ping dependent. But archery gets more affected by lag than FH.

    4. I don't mind giants getting buffs, but elves sure as hell need(ed) a buff/revamp too. Why do you think most people heard about "elf QQ threads" more than "giant QQ threads" to begin with? Elves have been complaining for years, that's why.

    5. I do know most things are doable already, even as an elf. But at the same time it grinds my gears when I keep seeing humans and giants get the good stuff, while elves are set aside.
    Not pointing fingers here, but I don't think humans or giants will really understand how hard it is to play elves if they never main'ed one.

    I agree that it's all about enjoying the game, but it's no fun when elves need to go all out (whether it's reforge heavy mag spam or magic) while humans can just pick up 2x good swords, get FH reforge on armor, headgear and viola.

    I also agree with FH needing a nerf, that skill is way too OP and needs a nerf.
    Humans pretty much use FH on 90% of the content that we have in Mabinogi.

    I said it before too, as a player who mains an elf; hide is useless, archery on pet is too (unless you trying to get Phantasm breaker title)
    FS can't compete with FH
    Mirage Missile is trash.
    Hide + hydra isn't anything "special" either. Not every elf loves to hide and wait 30 hours to finish a dungeon/SM with that tactic.

    Why don't people realize elves are supposed to have an advantage in magic too? right now they are on the same level as humans when it comes to magic.
    I for one will never archer. Lets be real here; Magnum (for mag spam) Is more reforge heavy than FH.

    I probably would sit here like the rest and tell people to just enjoy the game the way it is too, if I was a human or a giant.
  • How do you like to challenge yourself on Mabinogi?

    Me and @Neyna Challenge ourselves with Damage testing and clobber :^)

    And how many phantasm mobs I can 1 hit with 420 skill