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January 30, 2000
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Jerk chicken with rice and peas.
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There was something here at some point, but then it was gone, so...
  • So uh... did anyone else fail to protect Corrib?

    No. It's a pass given by an event NPC, so naturally you just have to talk to the event NPC again to receive it.
  • Soundtrack - Lossless OST?

    Best I could find was this webpage from the Korean site. You'll have to click through the links (the pictures) at the top until you find the one that has "Dear. Milletian, Fantastic Melody (part 2)" (part 1 doesn't have all the tracks). On that page there's streaming services listed close to the bottom that have the digital OST.

    There's two problems, though:
    1. an account is required to download the album on all of the streaming services.
    2. I only see .MP3s, no FLACs.
  • I just found an abomination in Mab.

    If you feed it to your character, they will indicate otherwise. :)
  • Setting price for milk is too complicated!

    the interesting thing about Milk and Water is that they have a meaningless 1 star (yet no gained stats attached) quality rating that prevents them from being treated like other ingredient items
    thus, you can't mass-list them like you would do with the others

    it'd be one thing if we had different qualities of Milk and Water that justified the star(s), but we don't
    what purpose does the quality rating have for these two items, really?
  • Looking to revitalize my interest in Mabinogi

    tap into things you didn't bother with before and start looking at the game from a different perspective

    ask questions about common and uncommon occurrences in Erinn and investigate for answers

    one thing generally leads to another, and then interest is gained organically

    or................ just....... take a break and come back when you think you have interest again
    there's peeps that long in merely for the sake of major/interesting updates and then they go into hibernation until the next