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  • Valencia Long Swordsmanship School Uniform (F)

    Huge update for you tailors who are having issues with this quest!

    I just got a reply from GM Mewlynne regarding the absent manual!
    Thank you for contacting Nexon America Customer Support, and I sincerely apologize for the delay.

    I understand you were wondering about the Long Swordsmanship School Uniform (F) in regards to the Grandmaster Tailoring Quest. After investigating, this seems to be a typo within the Grandmaster Mission quest. The quest calls for the Long Swordsmanship School Uniform (F), however a manual for this does not exist. The quest is fulfilled by crafting a
    Short Swordsmanship School Uniform (F), which is a sewing pattern that can be purchased by NPC Fleta.

    Thank you for reporting this issue. I will compile this information and submit it to our game team for review so the text for this quest can be changed. :)

    I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you do have any other issues or concerns, please submit a new ticket.


    GM Mewlynne
    Nexon America Inc.

    So there you go! Short Swordsmanship School Uniform (F) is what we actually have to make for the GM tailoring quest calling for the Long Swordsmanship School Uniform (F).

    I'll be updating this on the wiki shortly! :D
  • Talk: does archery need rebalanced?

    I'm an archer main, but the problem I have as of late is the lag, and this applies to gunner and magic as well. Usually, I either can't fire or I am immobilized to the point where I can't move for 3 minutes, and a lot can happen in those three minutes. I usually end up going heavy armor instead of my usual light armor when soloing things to compensate for the lag problems as of late. But otherwise, if I don't lag, I'm happy as a little finch.

    Though, it would be nice if shots that missed were completely negated by the Sniper title. I mean, what kind of archer are you if you miss like 75% of the time due to displacement...? >.<
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Think the whole stereotyping of elves overseas is what's making this whole "non-dark skinned elves" issue.

    From a cultural standpoint (And this does apply to most of "modern Asia"), the whiter the skin (Have you seen how many skin whitening products they have over there? It's insane!!!), the more beautiful they are perceived as (By that definition, I'd be considered not-so-beautiful since I'm rather dark for an Asian due to the Californian sun, but hey, at least I'm not sticking out like a sore thumb :D). Since elves (And I'm not including the Dark Elves from other game lore in here because we're just focusing on your stereotypical fair-skinned elves. So no Night Elves, Dark Elves, elves that dabble in dark magic they are not supposed to, etc...) are supposed to be the epitome of beauty, artists over there try to keep their skin as light as possible with some slight varying skin tones, where as Western/US side, we incorporate more skin tones to appeal to the masses since, let's face it, we have just about every skin tone possible under the sun, from the super pale to the darkest of darks possible.

    I actually wouldn't mind a slightly darker skin for one of my elves considering they live in the desert. Yeah, maybe they might have their own version of a sunscreen on, but that doesn't mean they don't tan after so much exposure to the sun, or better yet be a bit sun-burnt so the pale skin is a bit on the orange-red side. Like, I was looking at different foundation colors from a cosmetic's page and the Deep Bronze and Chestnut tones are something I'd actually like to see, even Espresso and a few shades darker, if possible.

  • Please being back crystal deer!

    Gaea wrote: »
    Subsequently, I have removed the poll. I dare the douche bags who thwarted the poll to come forward and tell us why they don't want crystal deer making a return. Pretty sure the reasons would be selfish and egotistical.
    You want to know why some people don't reply or post reasons, especially towards you? It's because of these unnecessary name-calling\acts of aggression when people do not agree with you. Not only does it make your reasoning sound so petty, but also childish. That being said, I have my reasons for wanting to keep it limited.

    Selfish? Probably not so much, but that's just my personal opinion. Do you need to know exactly why that if I didn't say, you'd die? I'd call that being too nosy.

    Again, my personal opinion.
  • Stop Adding Fashion

    Mirokujin wrote: »
    Warframe isn't slow. And every1 starts with 50 plat so it came from somewhere.
    At least you admit to one thing. The thing is that there will ALWAYS be people who buy more to keep that economy going. Oh, and stop comparing Mabinogi to Warframe; it's like comparing apples to oranges...
    Mirokujin wrote: »
    I am not saying there shouldn't be in-game purchases. Ik mabi needs money. I am saying gacha and fashion just is a trash way to do it. They should invest in something much more content heavy. Once you buy the gacha, you sell what you don't want and it's over.
    And there is a problem with that how? Every game will show you that there is a form of fashion that people will try to achieve so that they are satisfied with how their characters look. Gachas, while more akin to gambling, is just a faster way of making money, especially for a game with a much smaller population than it had in the past. We just had a content update, Momento. Why aren't you doing that instead of sitting here complaining? Or is it too boring for you because it's too hard or you can't do it solo because you're not uber enough? Well, guess what? Either do it and accept the pain, improve yourself and take the challenge, or just quit.
    Mirokujin wrote: »
    They could use that as a way to make people work for that items. Also it would make fashionogi players a lot stronger. They would need to be higher lvl to work for the mats in some type of dungeon. Using manuals instead of instantly getting them would just be 100% better. Once they add that they could add new weapon manuals and dungeons every so often. It would make fashion a lot less boring.
    First off, unless you didn't get it the first time, not a lot of people have all the time in the world to grind for materials to make what they want. Most of us grew up with Mabinogi starting from middle school to high school, and some of us into college and working field. Unfortunately, real life takes a much higher priority but at the same time, since we're still playing while we work, throwing a few bucks at a gachapon isn't too much of a problem because we're hoping to get something nice almost instantly while also supporting the game's maintenance. Nexon just needs to know how to balance the gacha spamming for fashion items and the other extras they add, such as X-Grade weapons.

    Now, speaking from the mind of a life skiller who does things hardcore instead of using seals...

    Grinding for mats is a pain because of the drop rate. Back in the days, grinding for them was a chore, and still is today, but it was much easier to buy from others because there were more people. Now, not so much because of the population drop, and with a population drop, it also means a drop in people who pay for subs, gachas, and even micro-transactions like dyes and the like. Again, Nexon has to find a balance for the gacha drops instead of just stuffing random items in there.

    As for your thought on the mats only available at these so-called super hard dungeons that are near impossible to beat, that will create an even greater power rift between the super strong and normal players. It's already happening and we don't need such a senseless idea to make it any worse. It's bad enough that Demonic Materials are from Lord Missions and are very rarely seen outside of it. Then you have the Celtic mats, which from what I heard are even more of a pain in the butt to get if you can't get into a raid just because you're not as strong as the group wants you to be.

    There are some people who only play for the fashion, and to be honest, if they want to play that way, they shouldn't have to be forced to have to grind something so insane to get it, unless it has some godly stat or buff on it. As is, the drop rates are pretty dismal, and worse if you're one of those who prefer to play solo.

    So, why not just leave the Fashionogis and go run something? They're not harming you in any way when they AFK with their pretty clothes, are they? They're not hindering your progress in getting stronger, are they? And honestly, probably some of those Fashionogis are already endgame and just like to stand there and be pretty. What's boring to you may not be boring to others.

    Is there something wrong with that, Fashion Police?