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  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Alright here's some of my thoughts going into these bosses/missions.
    First my stats It's nearly 15k ttl (level/explorer)
    I went into this using a pair of crk (r5/r6 nothing on reforges other than wutever I was given with the hammer to unlock them). I've only bought a couple pets and trading partner with NX. I pretty much fund myself playing the game (merch/commerce)

    Anyways first boss
    Tagar the much bigger grim reaper.

    Damage Output
    500-600 damage per hit
    I didn't feel like soul link would be very helpful because the hits were so high my pet would die easily.

    A very wide swing which is what will be happening most of the time. I think if you can run behind it you can dodge it but the problem is the boss doesn't teleport right on top of you. If you have fleet feet or are an elf you can just outrun it.

    Vertical swing which does about same damage.

    A slow which I don't think does anything else.

    A teleport in good ol grim reaper fashion.

    What you're supposed to do is just dodge stuff for a while until you get told to break a pillar when it is close. You'll see a small red circle on a pillar indicating which one to go to and hit when it is in it. If you fail then you need to go to another one. If you succeed then it gets stunned and you get told to do it again 2 or 3 times I forget. After that the defenses will be shredded and you can just pound away and tank the hits if you want or dodge them accordingly. Apparently you can cheese this with hydra but I won't go into that because I didn't do it that way.

    Problems with the Fight
    Getting Tagar within the red circle is a challenge. It is fairly annoying as it doesnt teleport on top of you and the circle is very small. You have to kind of start on one side of the pillar and move to the next as it is teleporting to you in order to get it in there then you hit the pillar before it teleports again or hits you. Every fail is a lot of damage so hope the AI cooperates. Other than that it dies relatively quickly once you go through all the pillar stuff ( the pillar stuff will very likely take the largest portion of time).

    Second mission
    The golem that I forget the name of!
    Really it's very simple. Just move move move until you get to the orb near the portal and smack it. I think then you hit the golem or something and it ends? Nothing much to say here. If you stay in the circles too long ( the duration is very short) you'll get teleported back to where you started.

    Third Mission
    prophets and the thing boss whatever
    I believe its just survive if I remember right . The boss can dash all over the place and be annoying but it's just run around and live until time passes.

    Fourth Mission /3rd boss
    Doppleganger yaaaaaaa
    Starting off you'll be face to face with your doppleganger. It's pretty much identical to the shadow mission one where it just loves using alchemy. Shortly after clones spawn to annoy you. Their health is very low but depending on your equips they can actually hurt ( they hit me for around 120 a hit.)

    The main doppleganger will use wind blast / water cannon I think / and flame burst. None of them do any serious damage. Not sure at what percent but it can also do shadow spirit from demigod transform. Between all the hit stun and knock backs from wind blast / flame burst into shadow spirit , it can be extremely annoying to get hits in.
    The clones just use general attacks and aren't all too special from my observation.

    I used soul link here because the damage wasn't really all that high. I ran off to the side of the area and the main doppel followed with 1 or 2 clones. The clones died super fast which was surprising but they did do a good bit of damage. Once I was situated I just used FH combined with bashes to wittle it down. I just ignored the warning of more clones and such as they felt content to just stand in the middle. The main doppel was incredibly annoying because it would rotate wind blast into flame burst and shadow spirits when it was low.

    Only thing I can really say is that it has so much hp it's pretty insane. FH brought it down to half but doing the rest before it came back up was pretty slow considering it's attacks had so much hit stun.

    Fifth mission
    Well it's more of keep Altam alive
    You move so slow but you need to crawl on over to the right or left side and grab the books . There should be 3. Don't worry if altam gets hit once from the judgement blade. Then you crawl on back till you are near Altam. You need to use the books when you see the sword appear from judgement blade. The white words that appear on the screen are too early. Just time every book use and it will be over.

    Sixth mission
    You get to be Altam
    I'm not sure if the mission was clear in this but you need to take out all the sprites. I ran to my character trapped in ice while ignoring the sprites and it told me that when i started hitting the ice. Thus i had to backtrack. Bash pretty much cleans everything out with charge closing gaps

    Seventh mission
    Talvish weird form
    Alright so right off it's confusing what to do but you just need to do like 20% or so hp and the next part starts.

    Area attacks similar to Tagar really
    Wide swing and vertical swings for 5-600 . They are dodgeable

    An attack that doesnt damage you but disables your crusader skill. I couldn't dodge this no matter what I tried but apparently you can outrange it ( though I remember being really far away and it still happening)

    the four judgement blades
    four blades crash down one after each other and then a blast occurs that kills you instantly

    Lightning rod / Ice spear (only casts in part 2)

    He can teleport near you

    Whittle his hp down as you dodge his attacks. When he does his four judgement blade attack, wait for the 2nd blade to fall before using shield of trust. The red blast is what kills you and doing it too early won't catch it. If you fail you die it's that simple. Once he gets beaten down a bit ( it's a lot of hp) the second part will start. Do whatever you can to situate yourself with the 4 new skills you gained which are activate/deactivate divinity , divine blast which is your main skill , blink which lets you teleport , and nova obliteration which is a nuke. Talvish will now ice spear and randomly fire off lightning rods but I never got hit by the lightning rod and the spear did trivial damage. You need to unload divine blasts and try to cast them when they are maxed out on your little minigame bar to increase stacks ( a bar under you). The more stacks you have, the more damage you deal with nova obliteration. You still have to shield of trust his judgement blade attack so don't forget that. It's just rinse and repeat until he's dead. ezgame

    Problems with this fight
    This fight is probably the worst offender for me. The hints were so vague. I thought you were just supposed to find a way to defend against the attack which would weaken him in some way. I died 2 -3 times before it finally said use shield of trust and i finally managed to get the timing down on the judgement blade blast. After that I just decided to hit him until part 2 started. It was really confusing to me because the HP was extremely high and my damage barely did anything really. Also the text just kept repeating itself making me feel like I was doing something wrong.
    There was another issue and that was the crusader canceling skill. I couldn't find a way to dodge it and the boss really seemed intent on casting judgement blade after it a lot which meant lolnaostone time.

    It's a lotta feedback/words but it's pretty much what I went through doing this stuff. I didn't really find it challenging because I had so many nao stones but I did find some mechanics pretty frustrating.
    Trythis wrote: »
    @dowie sader locked??? Do you mean crusader?

    Also you could be expierencing some really bad displacement, I know people who live in over seas servers have it the roughest since timing is key for this gen, but you can use crisis escape and shadow cloak like said @Veylaine said to wait out the Crusader Silence.

    Also if you're not having displacement anchor rushes I-frame is another good trick to use.
    Yeah I meant crusader ( say sader a lot in other games with crusader) .It's possible since it's how this game is sometimes. I didn't really think about shadow cloak or crisis escape which would work. I do know I did try to run away to outrange the silence and it failed me in which he proceeded to blow me up with judgement blades. It's even more annoying that you get spammed with the hints even if you succeed which can make you think there is more to the fight than just defending against the 1 shot. I was just checking his attacks and trying to find a way to counter them until I finally just said screw it and started doing damage which turned out I was supposed to.
  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    It felt like a lot of rushed gibberish towards the end though I'm not really fond of this story anyways.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Veylaine wrote: »
    TNinja wrote: »

    Hmph. The boss is genuinly bad design. You don't add something that literally disables your one and only ability to protect yourself fom a instant kill.
    And not even tell you about it BEFORE you're dead.
    I died at the very beginning of the mission, because I wasn't exactly told what to do. The obscure message system didn't appear before I died.

    "Yeah uh, you need to use that shield shill, by the way. And preferably after the sword lands, because that thing that kills you? It's not the sword, but that red mist that comes after your shield disspates. So. Yeah ok good luck chap~"

    Facetanking any content is stupid. No one's arguing that.
    But turning a boss into a damn sponge with nothing to show isn't a good design choice either. Any critique would argue the same.
    And adding a very obscure way of beating it with hints that doesn't work properly is a even worse design.

    You're supposed to work your way and avoid obstacles by your own merrit, and overcome the challenges, through solving puzzles. Not, get stripped of your only way to survive an attack.

    That said, I don't really need him nerfed. I just want them to stop being so obscure, and actually deliver the messages properly.

    A white plain text with no border appearing for roughly 1 second before fading away is not helping anyone.

    If you're talking about talvish you have to kite him being too close to him puts you in range for his 30 sec crusader skill silence unless you get lucky and his AI becomes dumb you will get hit by that silence. Using aggro drops like crisis escape and shadow cloak help along with keeping the distance.

    EDIT: but I do agree that they should of been a little more blatant with how to fight them if you crit or got distracted for like a sec you miss the white message that tells you what to do

    Not so sure about that since I was about half way across the screen from his position and got sader locked still in which he proceeded to judgement blade me.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Farming nao stones from saga is pretty easy as its actually good to do consistently but actually needing them I feel shouldn't be the answer to some of this stuff.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Buffalos wrote: »
    *Arguably easy Generation comes out* "UGGGGH I wish devCAT would give us any sort of CHALLENGE"
    *Arguably hard Generation comes out* "UGGGGH I wish devCAT would stop making things soo hard"
    Cool to know that's still an issue with the community here.

    Use some actual damage mitigation strategies if you're getting one shot: defense with a shield does absolute wonders with most of the attacks. Switch to Neanheim demi-god for that extra damage buffer if you have to.
    Watch and learn visual cues of the bosses, because they sure as heck have some really long animations that let you move out of their attack range. If you're noticing you're still getting hit by an AoE, trying walking behind the monster instead of away from it: a few of their attacks are front facing only.
    And actually read the white text pop ups that give hints to you on how to beat stuff instead of trying to face roll this content.

    Use shield of trust! .... except wait a second or two because if you use it when it says you will die. Even then sometimes the AI doesn't work properly and won't follow through with the skill . I mean i finished it all with no worries since i have a stupid amount of nao stones but that doesn't mean it was fun at all to deal with.