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  • Inventory Expansion

    As much as it reminds me of the times when you needed VIP to unlock half of your bank tab... Let's be real, if it's a one-time purchase I'll buy that.
  • no new events for a while now, whats next for mabi

    Callanthe wrote: »
    I'm currently trying to start g7 because I was putting it off for way too long. L-rod exploration is boring.

    How times have changed.

    Yup. Funny thing is, I used to really like L-rod, but at some point it's just too repetitive. Especially when I'm looking for that one specific thing and the game decides to throw all the artefacts I don't want at me :(
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I play Mabi because it's a MMORPG that doesn't feel like the usual MMO. I't not the typical "you're level 40 so here's the area for level 40 characters to grind, oh and have a couple quests to kill 20 goblins". I like the freedom to craft my own character and the ability to switch between skillsets whenever I want. I appreciate the emphasis on the RPG part - Mabi has a really decent story for an online game, plus all those smaller things like life skills or exploration complement the gameplay. And, of course, I love the ability to play and compose music :)
    And no two characters are identical, you can customize almost everything - armour, weapons, fashion, skills, etc.

    I'm not sure when I started playing to be honest, but it was back on the old EU server.
    CrimsọnJazmynDrognakVaughan[Deleted User]Kensamaofmari
  • Re:zero boardgame ticket box.

    Opalthira wrote: »
    get an alt because its not against ToS.
    Mabinogi meta for gold:
    2015-ish - Saga 2 spam
    2016-ish - Conflict spam
    2018 - alt abuse

    Why am I still playing...
    GretaRadiant Dawn
  • Need some quick advice on skill resetting

    If I'd have to choose to reset one of these talents, I'd keep magic/bard and reset alchemy. Alch isn't exactly worth the amount of AP you have to spend on it, magic costs about the same but is more powerful - and this is coming from someone who's grandmastering battle alchem at the moment. But this is of course just my opinion, if you prefer to play a alchemist, go for it.

    Archery + chain is really good if you're an elf. My elf friends rock that combo, but I have a hard time trying to shoot foxes with my human.

    And I'm all for resetting, especially if you've been away for enough time to get the returned quest. You get 2 reset caps from that, so might as well use them and try out other skillsets.