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  • Music Contest Info and Updates!

    Hello all!
    This is just a quick reminder that this month’s music contest is happening this Sunday, August 16th! Join us at Emain Macha Stage around 3pmPST on CHANNEL 3!
  • Musicians of Erinn

    4 Player Composition
    Original Song: Cataclysm
    Server: Nao
    Retsamehtmai (Composer) - Electric Guitar
    Aliami - Drum Set
    Rorichi - Piano
    Lightdrakon - Cello
  • Ornac Events and Offerings

    Hello all!
    I just wanted to mention if there happens to be bards out there that want to participate in the contest but cannot attend due to Sundays not working…or the time not working with their schedules, you now have an option to submit song scrolls beforehand! Whether you have your friends play for you, or would like the judges to play for you, we’d be happy to do so as long as we are notified of your absence a day before the contest. In this situation, we must be contacted by the composer of the song scrolls, not just friends. However, be sure to tell your friends that YOU are the only one eligible for the prize. ;)
  • Ornac Events and Offerings

    Hello all!
    I am happy to announce that the winner of the 15th monthly Ornac Music Contest was Arianette (who got pulled away unexpectedly T_T) that made Prelude from Final Fantasy by Nobuo Uematsu played in a 4 part jam by friends! She won 2m gold and a composition item (to be decided later ^_^;).

    Second Prize of 1m gold went to Jisa who played Noble Maiden Fair from Disney’s Brave by Patrick Doyle in a 4 part jam.

    Third prize of 500k gold went to Maggs who played Erasure/Always from Robot Unicorn Attack by Andy Bell/ Vince Clarke in a 4 part jam.

    Participation prize of 100k gold went to:
    Paxseko who played Castle in the Mist from the Ico soundtrack by Michiru Oshima and Koichi Yamazaki
    susieqt who played Centennial Festival for Magical Girls from Touhou 9 by ZUN

    The next music contest will be held April 22nd, 2018, with the bonus theme “Medley/Mashup.”:3 Music contests are now held at the Emain Macha stage around 3pmPST on ch7. ;)
    Please join us every Sunday until the contest for freeplay concerts same time (3pmPST), but at the usual place (Lake Calida Mana Tunnel)! ;)

    *Don’t forget about the raffle for those that attend! You could win a musical item!*

    Please let us know if you have any questions. :)
    -S- Sahmei -S-

    Event rules:

    Ornac events and offerings backup:

  • Ornac Events and Offerings

    Hello all!
    This is just a quick reminder that this month’s music contest is this Sunday (March 18th)! Please join us at the Emain Macha Stage around 3pmPST on ch7 if you wish to participate, or just listen to some great music. ;)