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November 16, 1998
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Plblth Plehp
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Use to play when it first came out, hiatus, came back and old acc was gone. made a new one, hiatus, saw lorna/pan newb stuff. new account. anyway im on ruairi so note me if any yall wanna be a friend or nah. mentally ill and trans. has insomnia and likes to draw and eat.
  • List of things that annoy you in the game.

    -- having people make pedophilic comments, those who are ableist (abliest? im dumb and also cant spell anything ever.), homophobic, racist... its just i know this trash game cant be Perfect but it really turns me off when i see people bypass the filter to use slurs.
    -- also gacha rng. 50 dollars (i dont have a job or have any kind of income- mabinogi is sad special interest of mine) and absolutely nothing but appearance scrolls and training pots. 50 dollars. no outfits i can wear. nothing i can use. im giving you my money im earning by commissions and you give me /appearance scrolls and training pots i cant use/
    -- the durability decreasing while afking. why do you do that?? is the ground killing me?? stop that. (i dont have the gold or time to grind to get more gold. im a weak elf who has no idea what im doing.)
    -- lack of inventory space. unless i get millions like a miracle, i have no inv space besides that Giant bag from the tutorial. it takes more space than it gives. i cant even play my alts because i have no decent inv space. i demand decent inventory space, mabinogi
    -- how rundal normal is harder than rundal hard (not like i can solo either of them bc im trash at fighting but seriously??? i dont like the dungeon revamp.)
    -- the user market. why is everything so.. inflated. i just want this outfit but i cant bc its 10mil and i dont even have 1mil. >:I
  • Afternoon Tea Gacha

    im really mad at this gachapon. ive been looking forward to the tea party outfits since i knew about them and now im just. dissapointed. i dont want other dumb crap like 20 dyes that i cant sell or use. i wouldve spent more money on outfit boxes than gachapons because gachas never give what wanted.
    and then im pretty sure people sell the tea party stuff for 20m because of this
  • Peddler Event

    does he like, spend 30 mins walking from one port to another? cus while the "peddler is moving from one port to another" msg is scrolling hes in neither area

    Sucks to not have a mount.

    ive actually never seen him leave the one port unless im just. really blind and clueless
  • Peddler Event

    im still salty that the boxes are rng..... lemme just.. buy my outfit set and use my coins for nao stones i dont wanna spend them all trying to get outfits jesus cchrist
  • Thoughts on Jubilee event?

    is.. is it just me or.. are there two joes spawned on top of each other? it makes it very hard to like
    click on one. or its just me and sleep deprivation,??