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November 16, 1998
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Plblth Plehp
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Use to play when it first came out, hiatus, came back and old acc was gone. made a new one, hiatus, saw lorna/pan newb stuff. new account. anyway im on ruairi so note me if any yall wanna be a friend or nah. mentally ill and trans. has insomnia and likes to draw and eat.
  • Possible Extension to Winter Attendance?

    im glad they extended it!! now me and my mom can get the outfit set!! well, i hope for her lmao
    im rlly jittery bc of this lmao
  • Possible Extension to Winter Attendance?

    exactly?? like i have a bad memory and was on hiatus for a few years but im pretty sure there /were/ good events? i personally like the candy island event but that was bc i just came back. like i love attendance events, gives me a reason to be on, but as soon as i miss several days due to the launcher not working [ i went to live support and they werent very helpful -v- ] it kind of ruins the experience?? especially when i missed the first day bc im dumb and another day bc i was sick and could barely move?? and three days due to the launcher not working.... it kind of doesnt...... feel fun? because the items i want i wont be able to get due to technical issues and other dumb stuff. and i know people will sell the outfit for way too much bc thats how mabinogi is now :c
  • Crow?

    i dont care if the crow is a trashy useless pet, i still want a bird from back then 3: i had a bunch of old pets like the falcons and everything before my first account was deleted and all those pets hold memories, like the useless birds ; v ;
    give us the weak bird!!
  • Possible Extension to Winter Attendance?

    i only just wanted the patisserie outfit if it had a cute idle animation,, but if it doesnt id be ok?? but if it does ill cry because like.... people are gonna sell the set/pieces for way too much and i cant control myself fff
    but i got the third tendering potion so like. im really behind bwahh