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  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    I've spent well over 200 dollars on this Gacha and have gotten mostly junk from it, it sucks but this is how Nexon does business and it seems to really work for them. I wish everyone luck blowing their hard earned money on a game hoping to get something rare haha. That's what makes me the most upset i mean people are spending real life money and getting junk left and right that can hardly be sold at all in game :/. I know people are going to say like " Well its your choice bla bla bla" and they're not wrong but still its a crappy situation to be in. Hopefully things can get better with Gacha rates but i doubt that's ever going to happen because people simply wouldn't spend as much money.
  • Dan tests are unbalanced and unfair

    I'll have to agree these tests are pretty unbalanced. I got Dan 3 puppetry and combat super easily while magic and range especially magnum shot Dan 3 on an elf is god near impossible. I don't understand also why some players always insist on belittling others when they make a complaint about something, this happens all the time which is why i rarely come to the forums, they truly act like Nexon lap dogs...The Dan system needs rebalanced ASAP. I've already spent over 5M on trying to get Dan 3 mag, lightning bolt, and have nothing to show for it. I am beyond frustrated and i find solidarity seeing others having the same problems, all the best to everyone.