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January 5, 1985
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"Well, it's just like it is with the stars, there are bright ones and those that are dim."
  • Dragon Master Event

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Any idea what the drop/collect rate of these dragon materials are?

    Also, sad, just realized the bag was a personal shop bag. I have kept my Archer bag for ages, I don't want to give it up, but I do need the space...
    Whyyyyy Nexon whyyyyy XD I can't even trade this new bag between my alts. How dare you put me in this position where I have to choose! How dare!

    -please let it be noted that the 'outrage' is entirely a joke, for those whom that sort of humor tends to fly by like Drax-

    Would've been nice if they had mentioned it was a shop bag in the announcement... Guess it's time to play inventory Tetris to make room for all the stuff in my inventory until I can fit it into the new "shop bag" again.
  • Dragon Master Event

    So... is it a possibility to get up to two of the dragons (one from crafting and one from the attendance), or is it just one dragon overall? I'm only asking because the announcement page stated that only one can be crafted, but nothing about crafting one preventing you from getting the pet from the attendance, or vice versa.
  • COMPLETED-Unscheduled Maintenance - September 25th

    So... we all lost a day's progress. Better than it being a week's progress, I guess.

    [Post log-in edit]: I take it back... it was a full reset... we now have 90 days to... get 99 pieces. That doesn't leave much wiggle room at all.
    Pip-BoyRadiant Dawn
  • Chicol's Wings

    Leinei wrote: »
    Ah, good to know. I've always pronounced it Chi-col.

    It's supposed to sound more like "keyhole." The ch is just more of a heavy h sound with the c being silent. For instance... Macha's name is pronounced Ma-ha and not Ma-cha. Gaelic is weird like that when compared to English.
    LeineiRadiant Dawn
  • [PART 4] Fantastic Memory Relay Event

    I logged in today, I was able to do the Caravan Joe thing, I got my bag expansion, but I haven't received my Day 10 login credit for my experience fruit. I've tried logging out of my character and logging back in, I've tried exiting the game and going back in, and I've tried changing channels. Do I just have to log in later, since I logged in yesterday in the afternoon and it's doing a strict 24 hour thing, or is this a bug?

    I was just about to ask If anyone else had that happen... Haven't logged in since yesterday and it gave me an AP 1 pot today. I'm thinking it may have given us Part 2 Day 1's instead, since if you pay close attention there's a frame or two where it shows what kind of items are given during the other parts before the "Coming Soon" image fully loads.

    Strangely enough when I took a screenshot of it my completion stickers so far for Part 1 showed over the prizes for Part 2 as well. Only did that to see if it "completed" the first day for Part 2.