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  • Confused about spirit weapon

    orcabluewa wrote: »
    Where have people had luck finding (metallurgy) preferred gems. I'm a little frustrated that it's in the daily point system. I'm rank 1 in metallurgy and have yet to find one. Anyone else having problems finding any?

    I might be wrong but i believe theres a higher chance during rain. But even then its difficult, I've done some metallurgy for the daily point system and almost everyday it gives me 30 ores to get via metallurgy and I don't reroll it cause easy and i might get gems, but over the past couple weeks I've only gotten two gems and they were 1.34cm somethin small. It's not easy or efficient, on the wiki it says theatre missions have a chance to drop 10cm gems which is probably a better route if you want them. But to level my spirit i've been feeding it rolling pins like suggested above and it's working but its an investment not only in time since it takes forever but also gold. At least 200k per level for my spirit weapon but its better then paying for gems. This ego system is barely any better then the last, I wish we could actually level it up through gameplay and not just gold like before.
  • [COMPLETED] Unscheduled Maintenance - July 3rd

    Harukari wrote: »
    The feeling when this Maint. is probably gonna take longer than the actual server merge Maint. did.


    It really is like we are back in 2008, when Maint took 10+ hours because of a single issue. Server merge brought wonders.
  • Mabinogi just creashed hard

    It crashed hard like a half an hour ago lol.
  • About the fishing event...

    Sai wrote: »
    Yaranaika wrote: »
    I'm not bothered by the price but the location. The fishing system can already be abit annoying trying to throw your rod in the water BUT THEY CHOSE FOR US TO FISH HERE WHERE ITS A NIGHTMARE to click on the lake? Alright Nexon, maybe playtest your events beforehand for once.

    The easiest way is to have the camara face your character in a slope overhead view.

    That is disgustingly helpful holy hell thank you lol
  • Why is their only 2 flying mounts in shop

    Korore wrote: »
    We usually get pet sales, where they bring back limited time pets such as Dragons or the Cosmic Stallion and much much more.

    You will just have to wait for them to bring them back again, hopefully it will be soon!

    Okay what about the countless other pets that you guys removed from the shop? Like the mimics? Some other mounts that were there... Like please you guys just cleaned house because you wanna either A. Charge more for them when its the "limited time sale" or B. Just doing it for sheer greed which is the same thing.

    Just bring back all the pets we used to have, it's not freaking hard as a new account none of these pets are appealing but when i look way back there used to be PAGES of pets and it was great you had a wide selection and could get what you want. Now there's not even a full page there and none of them are even decent.