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  • Elf Update?

    I just wanna sit on my giant homie's shoulders! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:
  • Race Changes When?

    Helsa wrote: »
    nevyn25 wrote: »
    I feel a new monthly thread coming up. after server merges, dark skinned elves and name changes we now have...
    *insert drumroll here*
    race change

    Whereas allowing for dark skin for elves would be really REALLY easy to implement. Race change at rebirth is more work, but hardly insurmountable. To be able to change race as freely as you can with gender, you'd have to do the following first:
    1) End the racial ally system.
    2) Allow for elf/giant marriage
    3) Allow for free choice of the three venues for having your marriage.
    The point of these is to prevent problems should you rebirth in such a way as to break them. The third one isn't directly necessary but is necessary to allow elf/giant marriage.

    If these start happening you can bet your bottom dollar that its a bellwether heralding race change at rebirth.

    I wanna sit on my Gaint buddies shoulder already : c
  • Wow the Auction House is really having an effect

    AH would be better if it wasn't so anonymous and if you could buy how many of an item you want instead of an all or nothing.

    But then the dead bee sellers secrets would all be revealed. : O
  • Mabinogi Campfire Announcements from Dec 1st Event

    I don't really want a server merge because of all the name issues I can just sense...
    Pets too? I named some of my partners after my OCs [Original Characters]... I don't want those gone or an ugly server name or prefex added to those anymore then I want that on my playable characters.
    Thankfully my main character was created in the first year or two of the game and I play actively, but I've dealt with name change struggles on other games and websites and it's never much fun.
  • Please stop having two gachas at the same time...

    Greta wrote: »
    Let's boycott and refuse to buy these crappy gachas. I really dislike the idea of Special outfits with idle and others without idle. What is this crap? They keep trying to rip us off. Why Beauty Gacha exists as well? Smh. Getting really greedy I see.

    I understand the frustration on getting one without the idle when the idle is what you want.
    But honestly...
    Myself, I sometimes want the non idle. Because I like the outfit, but don't like the flashy or awkward idle. owo