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  • More variety in 2nd Title bonuses (Aiming/Casting)

    I think there should be more variety in 2nd Title bonuses, making them a little more unique. Clearly they are running out of ideas for releases on these things, since each new 2nd title nowadays is the same as the last one with a few Speed+% tacked on.

    Why not create some talent specific titles like +Aiming speed or +Casting speed for Archers and Mages, like how there are Music Buff Effect 2nd Titles that specifically benefit Bards.

    Maybe there could be 2nd Titles that strengthen a particular skill as well, similar to a reforge effect. This could create more variety in 2nd title releases and usage. Good content to get people interested and profitable for Nexon. Right now everyone uses the best damage title or the Bard titles if you're a bard.
  • Please add this outfit into this next gachapon

    It's cool and it appeals to a lot of differnet people and it looks cool on both guys and girls. And it looks very RPG ish.

  • [FIXED]Anyone notice change to BaltaneMission shop

    The Mabinogi servers are up and EXP crystals are still missing and inaccessible from the Baltane mission supply shop.

    The responsible Nexon and Mabinogi teams should be ashamed of themselves.

    The developers have completely rebalanced the leveling and EXP in recent years to revolve in large part around these missions, with important racial skills unlocking at level 100 (with Baltane missions being the most effective route from 60-100) which are considered by us to be very important. These missions are also very important for players who are chasing landmark total level goals like total level 40,000 for maximum effect Shine of Eweca and total level 20,000 for maximum duration Might, Vision, and Breath of Ladeca skills.

    The lack of not only an emergency fix when this shop first broke was embarrassing enough, but for the shop to still be broken after today's event update is inexcusable. I think the Mabinogi team should publicly apologize immediately for disregarding a large section of their player base and begin planning for a major AP, EXP, or otherwise battle-related event, as a form of compensation and in order to begin rebuilding trust from your players.

    (And encouraging players to AFK for a week with a fishing event so soon after the last one is simply adding insult to injury, potions or not)
  • PLEASE help me find this Light Blue Gacha Dye #?

    Thank you guys. I will try to find it ingame. Hopefully #7FB4FA is the correct code for the dye.
  • What are everyone's thoughts on this?

    Tayloreski wrote: »
    .. Seems like they took more care in that game then this one xD. from the movement to npc's and the combat.. Its better then what we have now.

    it's just newer- this game was made like 15 years ago.

    Looks good but I wouldn't be playing Mabi on the go. it's a fun game to play at home but I'm not taking it further than that.