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  • What Would You Want Fix In Mabi

    -Remove saga 1 and 2. Macha was extremely disappointing to fight against especially considering that she's supposedly the Goddress of Destruction. I could also list several things I find lacking in the story as well.

    - Make transformationary mastery a more viable way to fight. It's more of a cosmetic skill at the moment. Using it right now is like purposely handicapping yourself to a few basic skills or to crash other people's weddings.

    Tell that to they guy in alexina who will only do shadow missions as a trans horse and has been for the 3 years ive been here if not longer. He seems to be quite content with transformation mastery.
  • Why do people just reject good ideas? :/

    Lhakryma wrote: »
    I came up with an excellent idea for girg raids: let's use different talent title icons depending on our roles, so all the bladers use warrior icon, all the shielders use cleric icon and all the spikers use ninja icon. It's PERFECT and it would help people screw up less -_-

    When I suggested this idea to my party, one genius' reply was simply "learn to read"... Yeah...

    Why do some people just have to be this stupid? :/
    Admittedly this idea won't help the really good teams because they're already working together as a... well... TEAM, but this idea is great when playing with strangers.

    Now that I think about it, it might be because most of the people in this game have next to no clue about most of the systems in the game and they brute forced their totals, without actually understanding the game...

    Yep, so....

    I'm with the "learn to read" guy on this. while its not the most positive thing to reply with hes basically telling you to pay attention which is all you really have to do. Girgash is simple when done right, just group your respective people in the raid party and pay attention. The last thing we need are people following talent icons instead of names or other better thought out methods, this is how 3 people end up grouped on 1 shielder and Yeesus knows those shenanigans get old quick.

    Secondly calling someone stupid because they don't respond to your idea in a positive way is a great way get everyone to ignore you indefinitely.
  • Small rant.

    honestly you guys shouldn't be assuming things about people/chars that you have no knowledge about whatsoever. Yes Bots/duppers are bad and I like to think most people know why and how it affects MMOs but not every TOS abuse is malicious or even harmful to how You as an individual plays and enjoys the game. Just because someone bought a gear or outfit with money they made from working 9-5 doesn't make them the ISIS of mabi.

    There's a difference between following the letter of law vs the spirit of it. Don't be one of those blind Zealots that lumps everyone together and mindlessly goes around spewing and acting on self-serving justice.

    Just to be clear I don't RWT/PP/or bot and I'm all for reporting bots/dupers if you have valid proof, I just thought that we learned our lesson about witch hunts back in the 19th century....

    Greta wrote: »
    Faithrend wrote: »
    Yeah I can make about 1m in 45mins doing shadow missions lol

    Minus all dam repairs and gear breaks lol. But still, i really dislike the idea of people making real money this way, so against ToS.

    If your really getting upset at how people make money playing a video game over working at a job they hate that sucks the very soul out of them maybe you should rethink some of your own choices and I don't mean you specifically but all of those triggered by it.
  • A rather irritating thing I'm noticing lately...


    nuff said.
  • NGS has detected a security threat?

    Hey guys, it's the first day of the transition to Nexon Launcher, Let's try to give it some time and hopefully the issues will be resolved soon!

    Just playing devils advocate here but if the switch over wasn't ready to be implemented why do it?
    having the same problem with NGS security kicking me.

    good times to come back to after a long break